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GCA Special Citation

2002 Betty Brown Casey

Presented to Betty Brown Casey, one of the leading women philanthropists in the United States.  Mrs. Casey loves gardening and has always had an herb, vegetable and cutting garden.  Becoming aware of the increasing loss of trees in Washington, DC, she asked The Garden Club of America, an organization for which she has great respect and admiration, to take on the GCA Casey Trees project and return to Washington the name of "The City of Trees".

2001 Ruth Petersson Bancroft

Ruth Bancroft's extraordinary garden inspired Frank Cabot to found the Garden Conservancy.  Today -- Ruth, at age 92, is still seen daily in her garden, working on hands and knees, never ending the creative process she began 60 years ago.

2000 George Alexis Weymouth

Presented to Frolic Weymouth, whose leadership as the founder and Chairman of the Brandywine Conservancy, an organization that has protected through easements and advisory services to local governments, the watershed of the Brandywine River, truly exemplifies the environmental visions of the Garden Club of America.

1999 Ying Doon Moy

For successful research on citrus in his development of a papaya ready for first year harvest in Texas.  The hybridization of plants, roses and gingers and his 'Moy Grande' hibiscus bespeak of his expertise in the field of plant breeding.

1998 Diane and Kent Whealy

For the inception and developmental success of the Seed Savers Exchange.

1997 Paul W. Meyer

Presented to Paul W. Meyer whose leadership in plant exploration and collecting has led to the introduction to the horticultural world plants of utility value as well as those having ornamental merit.

1996 John T. Lupton

For his decisive leadership, creative dreams and visions, pursuit of excellence and extraordinary generosity, in the transformation of landscapes and revitalization of the spirit of Chattanooga, as well as other Southern areas.

1994 Edward Perry Bass

As a wise and generous steward of Planet Earth, Edward Perry Bass' dedication and commitment to the environment has enabled many innovative studies, programs and research projects to be undertaken.

1993 Dr. Richard G. Beidleman

For his defense of the natural areas of Colorado and beyond, preserving the best of nature through determination and optimism.

1992 Gene Elden Likens

Presented to Dr. Gene E. Likens whose enlightened efforts have given the world a model for ecosystem manipulation and helped shape a more informed federal policy by fostering ecological research and increasing environmental awareness.

1990 Pepsico Corporation

For innovative and sophisticated vision combined with a high sense of corporate responsibility in creating at its headquarters, the Donald M. Kendall Sculpture Garden, a unique sanctuary of open space and art, both horticultural and sculptural, freely available for the refreshment of the public. 

1988 Dr. William Welch Kellogg

For his farsighted and monumental research into Atmospheric conservation, and for making mankind's unknowing impact on global climate and weather; for articulating the practical effect of the Earth's carbon dioxide build-up called, "The Greenhouse Effect", and for developing techniques and tools that led to the better study of acid rain; for his skilled way to teaching conservation issues to the world, and for his personal love of the Earth and beauty of nature.

1963 Rachel Louise Carson

For extraordinary service in conservation by alerting the United States and other countries to the dangers of indiscriminate spraying with poisonous chemicals.

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