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Frances K. Hutchinson Medal

2013 Gerald W. Adelmann

Presented to Gerald W. Adelmann for being an extraordinary champion of the natural world.

2012 Charles Glover Lane

For his extraordinary commitment to conservation and preservation, especially his leadership in preserving the ACE Basin in Low Country South Carolina for future generations.


2011 Stuart N. Conway

Awarded to Stuart Conway in appreciation of your outstanding achievement in conservation and your leadership of Trees, Water & People.  You are an inspired steward of our plants.

2010 Mike Houck

Presented to Mike Houck, for having energized us to turn dreamy visions of what was almost lost forever into doable scenarios for environmentally and economically sound urban communities.

2009 William Doyle Ruckelshaus

Presented to William Doyle Ruckelshaus, in recognition of the first Adminstrator and Founding Father of the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

2008 Dr. Kathryn L. Kennedy

Presented to Dr. Kathryn L. Kennedy, Executive Director of the Center for Plant Conservation.  She is a classically trained botanist who started her career as a plant ecologist at the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas.  Kathryn established rigorous scientific protocols for plant conservation in the field, elevating the visibility and reputation of CPC's programs to an international level.  She has a lifetime commitment to protecting the rare plants of our land.

2007 The Honorable Rodney Frelinghuysen

Presednted to Rodney Frelinghuysen, seventh term Respresentative for New Jersey's 11th Congressional District.  He is senior member of the House Appropriations Committee and was the chief author of the Highlands Conservation Act, H.R. 1964, which authorizes the spending of $110,000,000 over a ten year period in the Highland region which includes parts of NJ, PA, NY and CT.  It's aim is to preserve open spaces.

2006 Dr. George Archibald

Presented to:  Dr. George Archibald, co-founder of the International Crane Foundation, as the world center for the study and preservation of cranes.  His programs involve work in Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Cuba, China, India, and many other countries.

2005 The Ford Motor Company

Presented to The Ford Motor Company for initiative taken to preserve the environment and conserve resources for current and future generations.  Striving to make the world a better place, makes you an example to all.

2004 Paul Winter

Presented to Paul Winter who, through his music, opens the hearts and minds of listeners around the world to the treasures of our planet and to their threatened status.

2003 Rockefeller Family

Presented to the Rockefeller Family in recognition of five generations of commitment to land and water conservation, historic preservation, and philanthropy.  This family's public spirit has enhanced the quality of life for millions of Americans and visitors from around the world.

2002 Cynthia A. Zipf

Presented to:  Cynthia A. Zipf, head of Clean Ocean Action, a fledgling New Jersey advocacy organization of fishing, boating, conservation and civic groups concerned with the quality of our waters.  She leads crusades to educate the public inlcuding lawmakers about the conditions of our waters.

2001 Terry Hershey

Presented to Terry Hershey, a Texan, who has made conservation on local, state and national levels her life's work.

2000 Roger Milliken

Presented to Roger Milliken, Chairman and CEO of the privately owned Milliken and Company, a world-wide textile manufacturer, whose environmental initiatives have resulted in tremendous conservation accomplishments.

1999 C. Thomas Wyche

For his efforts, his leadership, and his vision of the Mountain Bridge Conservation Project.

1998 Martin J. Rosen

For his vision and sense of mission about preserving our heritage.

1997 Professor Edward O. Wilson

Presented to Professor E. O. Wilson, whose research and writings have educated and inspired millions of people throughout the world about the crucial importance of maintaining biodiversity in nature.

1996 Spenser B. Beebe

Presented to Spencer B. Beebe, for his lifetime commitment to wilderness and environmental conservation both locally and globally.

1995 Gurdon Lucius Tarbox, Jr.

Presented to Gurdon Lucias Tarbox, Jr., for preserving, for all Americans, the land, flora, fauna, and outdoor art of Brookgreen Gardens, despite nearby burgeoning of Tennessee.

1994 Dr. Richard H. Goodwin

Presented to Dr. Richard H. Goodwin, whose devotion to the scientific method in conservation endeavors and volunteer accomplishments for ecology have had worldwide impact.

1993 Dr. George Masters Woodwell

For his outstanding research on globally significant ecological problems, his scholarly achievement and his ability to refashion his insights into written and oral presentations that impact on broad segments of our informed lay public.

1992 Thomas E. Lovejoy

Presented to Dr. Thomas E. Lovejoy whose diligent efforts and willingness to share his strong dedication to conservation have led to international awareness of the pressing need to preserve the world's precious tropical forests.

1991 Dr. Peter H. Raven

An honorary member of the Garden Club of St. Louis, an outstanding scientist, nationally and internationally known as a conservationist with a particular interest in the protection of the world's rain forests.

1990 John Hamilton Adams

For his leadership of the Natural Resources Defense Council.  The Council, founded in 1970, has had only one Executive Director over that twenty year span - John Adams.  Under his leadership, the NRDC has grown to be one of the most influential law and policy firms within the conservation community.

1989 The Honorable John H. Chafee

For furthering the environmental cause; for his tireless efforts, both as Governor of Rhode Island and as United States Senator from Rhode Island, in promoting the protection of open space and wildlife habitat, endangered species, and clean air and water.

1988 John Seiberling

For his extraordinary role in the conservation of America's natural resources; his leadership, while serving in the Congress of the United States, reflects the highest ideals of wise stewardship of our natural treasures; his is a deep and sincere love for the land.

1987 William Penn Mott, Jr.

For his lifelong service to the National Paark System, and for his commitment in preserving the quality of life through the parks for future generations.

1986 Henry J. Heinz, II

For his long years of leadership in revitalizing the city of Pittsburgh.

1985 The Honorable Cecil D. Andrus

For his leadership in the stewardship of America's natural heritage as Secretary of the Interior, Governor of Idaho and Idaho State Senator.

1984 Russell E. Train

An unparalleled conservationist who has held vital posts both in and out of government, currently serving as President and Chief Executive Officer of World Wildlife Fund-U.S.

1983 Jeffrey R. Short, Jr.

For his dedicated and effective leadership devoted to the conservation of significant biota worldwide.

1982 The Honorable Tom Lawson McCall

For his leadership and unceasing awareness of conservation measures and practices to protect and preserve the natural beauty of America.

1981 Russell W. Peterson

A giant of the conservation movement whose leadership on an international level shows his concern for many hazards to the environment that could soon do damage beyond recall.

1980 Dr. Carl W. Buchheitser

For his devotion throughout a distinguished career to conservation education and for his pioneer work in developing the Audubon Camps and Nature Centers.

1979 S. Dillon Ripley

In recognition of his lifelong dedication to and involvement in the education of the public in world wide conservation isssues.

1978 Mrs. W. L. Lyons Brown

Few are her equal in the vigorous pursuit of conservation measures and practices to insure the continued natural beauty of America.

1977 Dr. Ruth Patrick

For her extraordinary success in gradually convincing the public and, more importantly, the industrial community that water pollution is one of the greatest dangers we face in this country.

1976 Nathaniel Pryor Reed

A true conservationist, knowledgeable, dedicated, courageous and staunch.

1975 Henry M. Jackson

Farsighted, tireless, the environment's greatest friend in the Senate; conservationists remember with thankfulness the long tally of laws he has fathered in defense of our national resources.

1974 Charles H. Callison

Executive Vice President of the National Audubon Society, distinguished conservationist, effective guardian of our national resources.

1973 Dr. Dixy Lee Ray

Distinguished professional career as a scientist-conservationist; educator, lecturer, possessing versatility in utilizing scientific knowledge for effective environmental protection; dynamic, enlightened leadership concerning ecological dilemmas.

1972 Rene Dubos

For distinction as conservationist, scientific investigator, lecturer and author, and for his study of the effects environmental forces exert upon human life.

1971 Wilhelmine Kirby Waller

Dedicated crusader in the ceaseless struggle to improve our environment, whose vision, wisdom and administrative talent have effectively awakened public concern and won her national distinction.

1970 Roger Tory Peterson

Internationally eminent conservationist, ornithologist, artist and author, whose revolutionary identification system for birds has added a new dimension to the appreciation of nature.

1969 John Bertram Oakes

In recognition of his far reaching influence in preserving the quality of the environment and for encouraging a wider understanding and advancement of conservation measures.

1968 Mrs. Lyndon Baines Johnson

For her widespread influence and inspiration in awakening others to a greater concern for the natural beauty of their environment.

1967 Laurance S. Rockefeller

His tireless leadership and public spirited devotion, through nationwide programs of conservation and recreation, endowed his counrymen with a new awareness of, and opportunity to enjoy, their irreplaceable heritage.

1966 Allston Jenkins

For his tireless, imaginative and persuasive efforts in securing open spaces within residential limits for migratory water and land birds up and down the Atlantic Coast.

1965 The Honorable Stewaart L. Udall

For his courageous, dynamic and effective leadership in conservation as Secretary of the United States Department of the Interior under two Presidents.

1964 The Honorable Clinton P. Anderson

For his philosophy of responsibility toward our national resources and his continuing championship of legislation to preserve them.

1963 Harold Jefferson Coolidge

For service of national and international importance to conservation and to growth and effectiveness of National Parks.

1962 Dr. Clarence Cottam

Distinguished consservationist, authority on biology, ornithology, mammology and botany.  Lecturer and writer.

1961 Richard J. Pough

For more than 25 years a tireless crusader for the preservation of our natural resources.

1960 John H. Storer

Lecturer and author, his films form a part of the permanent Board of Education libraries in almost every state of the nation.

1959 Horace Marden Albright

Outstanding in the field of conservation of natural resources and preservation of historic monuments.

1956 Sigurd F.Olson

For his lifelong work in the field of national conservation.

1955 Jay Norwood Darling

A pioneer in the practical application of conservation.

1954 Walter E. Disney

For his outstanding contribution in publicizing conservation, as demonstrated by such films as "Beaver Valley", "Nature's Half Acre" and others.

1953 Mrs. Luis J. Franke

For service in conservation.

1952 Miss Rachel Louise Carson

For service in conservation and her book The Sea Around Us.

1951 Mrs. Winston T. Michie

For service in conservation; practical and creative work in her native Tennessee.

1951 Paul Bigelow Sears

For service in conservation as a lecturer, author and teacher.

1950 Ken Leavitt

For service in conservation by increasing farmers' cooperation.

1949 Miss Pearl Chase

For service in conservation by far-reaching and inspirational leadership. 

1948 Fairfield Osborn

For his splendid work in the field of conservation.

1947 Miss Violet Liberty Findley

For her pioneer work in nature study in the Wilmington Public Schools.

1946 Cason Callaway

Service in conservation by organized leadership in agriculture.

1945 Newton B. Drury

Accomplishments in preservation of National Parks and work in the Save-the-Redwood League.

1944 Dr. Hugh Hammond Bennett

For his scientific contribution to conservation.

1943 Louis Broomfield

Author and conservationist.

1942 Miss Delia Marble

Organizer of the Woman's Land Army; founder of nature trails.

1941 Dr. Robert Cushman Murphy

Ornithologist, research worker and leader of scientific expeditions.

1940 Mrs. Oakleigh Thorne

For her assistance in the preservation of the Redwoods.

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