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News: Take Action for Conservation: America's Endangered Wetlands


August 15, 2017

The health of our wetlands is in real jeopardy, but we are far from helpless in our everyday lives.  Simple efforts, multiplied many times over, can contribute to wetlands survival.  

Download the GCA’s Position Paper on Clean Water




What can individuals do at home and in their communities?

  • Keep surface areas that wash into storm drains clean from trash, pet waste, toxic chemicals, fertilizers, and motor oil
  • Use phosphate-free laundry and dishwasher detergents.  Phosphates encourage algae growth, which can suffocate aquatic life.
  • Turn to the increasing number of nontoxic products, including unbleached paper for cleaning and readily available horticultural vinegar for safe weed killing
  • Avoid wetlands when expanding your house or business.  Many communities have zoning regulations that forbid construction in wetlands.
  • When stabilizing soil in private and public waterfront areas, follow “living shoreline” techniques by planting native wetland species adapted to different tide levels
  • Discourage local businesses and governments from deploying heavy equipment in protected areas.  Everyone in your community will benefit from the scenic and recreational opportunities protected areas offer.