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America believes that public lands are held in trust for American citizens under a mandate of conservation stewardship, with the goal of preserving them for future generations. More than twenty percent of the land in the United States is under federal supervision.* Agencies charged with caring for these lands must set an example by using the best management practices available.
There is ever-increasing pressure for multiple uses of federal lands. The Garden Club of America urges the responsible agencies to make resource protection and preservation their first priority when establishing public land policy. The future sustainability of these public lands should be carefully considered prior to any natural resource development. Federal lands are a water source for more than 90 million US citizens.**Preservation of our vital water resources must be a priority of public land agencies.
Therefore, the Garden Club of America supports strengthening public policy to:
  • Connect public lands and conservancies to create wildlife corridors for migration of plants and ?animals threatened by climate change.
  • Provide adequate financial support for botanists to inventory, assess, and participate in the ?management of public lands.
  • Place a priority on conservation and preservation, fostering bio-diversity and the protection of ?native plant communities and endangered species.
  • Encourage collaborative efforts between government managers and private landowners to ?provide incentives for landowners to follow good conservation practices. 


The two major agencies responsible for public lands are the Department of the Interior (National Park Service, Fish and Wildlife Service, Bureau of Land Management) and the Department of Agriculture (Forest Service).
** http://www.DOI.gov/facts.html (Website of the Department of the Interior) 


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