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    2013 Anna E. Braswell
School: Duke University
Field of study: Anna E. Braswell, a Ph.D. candidate at Duke University, is researching marsh age and its past use at sites along the eastern seaboard by correlating historical data to sediment cores which will help illuminate the vulnerability of coastal ecosystems. Data will be shared with coastal managers and other scientists for marsh management as climate change influences sea level rise.
  2013 Rachel K. Guy
School: University of Georgia
Field of study: Rachel K. Guy, a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Georgia, will study estuarine sites and several barrier islands along the coast of Georgia to determine if red drum — also known as channel bass — and blue crabs may be adversely affected by loss of salt-marsh due to saltwater inundation or flooding.
    2013 Megan J. Haserodt
School: University of Wisconsin-Madison
Field of study: Megan J. Haserodt, a Master’s candidate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, is assessing roadway and development impacts on groundwater movement in the Kenai Peninsula Lowlands in Alaska where wetlands or peat lands are prevalent, providing nutrients and maintaining groundwater to replenish the many salmon streams.
  2012 Dorothea J Lundberg
School: University of Maryland
Field of study: Is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Maryland, is employing her extensive expertise in hydrology to work on two grid-ditched marshes to determine the best course of remediation for the coastal marshes on Marylands Eastern Shore.
  2012 Lee Schoen
School: Central Michigan University
Field of study: Is a Masters degree candidate at Central Michigan University, is using highly technical scientific methods and instrumentation to study samples of fish tissues to estimate the proportion of their diet coming from wetland food sources.
  2012 Bart Christiaen
School: University of South Alabama
Field of study: Bart Christiaen, from Belgium, a PhD candidate at the U South Alabama working at the Dauphin Island Sea Lab is studying diurnal shifts in dissolved oxygen in wetlands to determine whether they stimulate water column denitrifcation.
  2012 Akasha Faist
School: University of Colorado
Field of study: Is a Ph.D candidate at the University of Colorado at Boulder, is exploring vernal pools at Travis Air Force Base, California, to see how litter decomposition affects native versus exotic, invasive plant performance. This work is vital to the success of vernal pool restoration.
  2011 Owen McDonough
School: College of William & Mary B.S.
Field of study: "His research is in the hydrology, structure and biogeochemical function of streams termittently linked to freshwater wetlands."
  2011 Leah Beckett
School: Brevard College BSUniversity of Maryland MS
Field of study: "Ph.D. candidate in the Ecology Area of Specialization of the Marine- Estuarine-Environmental Science program at the University of Maryland. For her dissertation, she is measuring accretion and elevation dynamics of Chesapeake Bay."
    2011 Lori Sutter
School: BS: Texas A&M MEM: Duke University
Field of study: Ph.D. student at the Virginia Institute of Marine Science at he College of William and Mary. Her work focuses on the mechanisms leading to transition in dominant plant species in response to rising sea levels.
  2011 Marissa Lee
School: Duke University
Field of study: "Ph.D. student in the Duke Univ. Program in Ecology, is studying the Microstegium vimineum, an invasive grass. One of the most problematic invaders in the Southeast and Midwest, it poses a serious threat to native species and wetlands. "
    2010 Joshua Atwood
School: "Bowdoin College, Brunswick, ME - B.A. University of Rhode Island - Ph.D."
Field of study: Invasive plant ecology and evolutionary biology - Joshua's thesis is entitled Post-establishment evolution of non-native plant species in coastal wetland habitats: a test of the ERCA hypothesis.
  2010 Leanna Heffner
School: Vassar College - B.A.Graduate School of Oceanography - University of Rhode Island - Ph.D.
Field of study: "She is studying Coastal Marine Ecology, focusing on ecosystem response to human disturbances and efficacy and development of coastal management policy."
    2010 Schuyler Van Montfrans
School: University of Virginia - B.A. in Biology University of Florida - Ph.D. Department of Biology
Field of study: "Will focus on the relative importance & interaction of bottom-up physical stressors & top-down consumer effects on community sturcture & primary productivity in marine ecosystems, particularly salt marshes."
    2010 Cheryl Whritenour
School: SUNY ESF - B.S. SUNY ESF - M.S. SUNY ESF - Ph.D.
Field of study: Her thesis is entitled Ecological Stoichiometry of the Salt Marsh: Si:N Ratio and Effects on the Lower Food Web.
    2009 Prabhu Das
School: University of New Orleans Ph.D. Candidate Utkal University Master of Philosophy Utkal University Master of Science Utkal University Bachelor of Science
Field of study: Earth and Evironmental Sciences Will focus his study on the application of remote sensing and GIS in environmetnal impact assessment and procrssing satellite images and algorithm development.
    2009 Joanna Nelson
School: University of California-Santa Cruz Ph.D. Candidate Standord University M.S. Earth Systems Program 1999 B.S. Earth Systems Program 1997
Field of study: Estuarine Ecology and Global Change Will research the combined effects of sea level rise and anthropogenic nitrogen additions in California Coastal estuaries and on cooperative managementof natural resources.
Project location: "Elkhorn Slough, CA"
    2009 Sarah Schillawski
School: "Virginia Institute of Marine Science Ph.D. Candidate University of Massachusetts, Amherst M.S. - Georsciences 2007 Bryn Mawr College B.A. - Geology 2000"
Field of study: "Marine Science Will study the processes responsible for the input and fate of terrestrial soil-deprived organic carbon, notrogen and phosphorus from watersheds to estuaries and coastal wetland systems."
    2009 James Doherty
School: University of Wisconsin-Madison Master's in Botany in progress Binghamton University B.S. in Biological Sciences
Field of study: Botany Will research diversity and functioning in a Tijuana estuary salt marsh restortion.
Project location: Mexico
    2008 Ryan St. George
School: University of Rhode Island B.S. Nova Southeastern University M.S. in Progress
Field of study: "Marine Biology Will conduct a comparative evaluation of freshwater mitigation wetlands using chironomid pupal exuviae, a potential technique for assessing mitigation success."
Project location: "Broward County, Florida"
    2008 Eileen Thorsos
School: Swarthmore College B.A. in Biology & B.A. in Linguistics Duke University Ph.D Candidate in Ecology
Field of study: "Will research plant species' functional effects, including their roles in wetland biogeochemistry, as well as how we can draw on the ecosystem they provide."
Project location: North Carolina
    2008 Kristin Wilson
School: Middlebury College B.A. University of Maine M.S. University of Maine Ph.D in Progress
Field of study: Ecology and Environmental Sciences Will continue research linking eco-physical characteristics of salt pools to spatial patterns of salt marsh surficial change over the past four decades.
Project location: Five Maine salt marshes
    2007 Emily Howe
School: "School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences, University of Washington \Ph.D. Candidate"
Field of study: Will evaluate food web connectivity in two adjacent estuaries of contrasting physical dynamics.
    2007 Jessica Hines
School: University of Maryland Ph.D. Candidate December 2007 in Entromology University of Maryland MS December 2004 in Entromology Wake Forest University BS 1999 in Biology
Field of study: "Salt Marsh Community Ecology Will Study the influence of detritivore diversity on wetland ecosystem function as well as on the ability of predators to exert top-down control on decomposition, production and herbivore abundance."
    2007 Azure Bevington
School: "Virginia Institute of Marine Science, School of Marine Science, College of William & Mary"
    2006 Alysa Remsburg
School: "Ph.D. Candidate in the Department of Zoology at the University of Wisconsin, Madison University Wisconsin M.S. Wittenberg University B.A. "
Field of study: Insect Behavioral Ecology Will study the effects of lakeshore vegetation on dragonfly diversity.
    2006 Josette La Hee
Field of study: Wetland Ecology/Algal Ecology Will study the effects of nutrient enrichment coming from agricultural plantations on benthic periphyton mat communities.
Project location: In two south Florida coastal wetland habitats in the Everglades.
    2005 Raelene Crandall
School: "Louisiana State University PhD Candidate Oklahoma State University MS Botany Butler University, Indianapolis BS "
Field of study: Goal of dissertation is to better predict how plant species rspond to rising sea levels and changes in fire regimes.
    2005 Brittina Argow
School: Stanford University - MA William & Mary College - BA
Field of study: "Project: " Investigating relationships between vegetation, hydrodynamics, sedimentation across an nothern Salt Marsh, ME""
    2004 Elizabeth Watson
School: UC Berkeley Ph.D. Candidate UC Berkeley MA Geography UC Berkeley BA Biology
Field of study: Her project: Califronia tidal marsh vegetation change: a thirty year record of changes in plant distribution and abundance in tidal marshes of the San Francisco Estuary.
    2004 Tracy Elsey
School: "University of Vermont BS University of Louisiana, Lafayette Masters Program in Ecology and Environmental Science "
Field of study: "Project: "Compare seed dispersal, seed bank storage and seedling recruitment & vegetation compositon on natural vs. created Salt Marshes.""
Project location: Gulf Coast of Louisiana
    2003 Polly Hicks
School: "Rutgers University, The State University of New Jersey, New Brunswick, NJ Masters Candidate"
Field of study: Work on wetlands restoration in the NY-NJ Harbor Estuary: studying seed dispersal dynamics and its impact on salt marsh restoration.
Project location: NY/NJ
    2002 Alison Fisher
School: University of California Davis Ph.D. Candidate
Field of study: Investigating the ecology of a fungal disease epidemic on native and invasive populations of the saltmarsh cordgrass Spartina spp.
Project location: "San Francisco Bay, CA and Willapa Bay, WA"
    2002 Letitia Grenier
Field of study: Study: The topic ecology of endangered tidal wetlands using a variety of sophisticated analytical procedures to document the links between marsh flora and fauna.
    2001 Kathleen Bailey
    2001 Matthew Katz
School: "University of California, Davis Graduate student"
Field of study: "Research the potential for biological control of Spartina alterniflora, a marsh plant considered a pest species on the west coast of America."
    2000 Christina Richards
School: University of Georgia Ph.D. Botany
Field of study: "Botany Project: Research integrating coastal marsh ecology, physiology and molecular genetics""
Project location: "Sapelo Island, GA"
    2000 Hem Nalini Morzaria Luna
School: "University of Wisconsin, Madison Ph.D. Botany Major, Oceanography, and Limnology, Minor"
Field of study: Wetland Ecology and Restoration
Project location: West Coast of US and Baja

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