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  2013 Bradley Cantrell
School: Louisiana State University
Field of study: His project is titled Synthetic and Responsive Ecologies. Bradley will focus on the water infrastructure of Rome, examining its historical evolution, analyzing the present conditions, and developing future projections.
  2012 Karen M'Closkey
School: University of Pennsylvania
Field of study: Is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania. Karen's project, titled A Field Guide to Rome: Baedeker and Beyond, will yield a supplement to the early English-language guidebooks published by Baedeker. The scholar will focus on places of extraction (quarries, aquifers) and deposition (landfills) that are reaching the end of their useful lives, yet open up new opportunities, both ecological and touristic.
Project location: Rome
    2010 Fritz Haeg
School: Carnegie Mellon School of Architecture
Field of study: "Mr. Haeg works across a range of disciplines, well beyond the realm of achitecture. He has exhibited in museums around the world. His project is titled Roman Wilderness MMX: Urban Agriculture, Animal Architecture and Street Choreography."
Project location: "Rome, Italy"
    2009 Robert Hammond
School: President of the Highline Project in New York City had has served as its Exeutive Director since 1999.
Field of study: His project "Along theTiber" will examine imaginative potentials for the best realistic use of the open space along the Tiber River. He will address the cross disciplinary process of beginning to plan for the vevitalization of the Tiber rivrfront.
    2008 Hope Hasbrouck
School: Washington University in Saint Louis B.A. University of Virginia MARCH Harvard University MLA
Field of study: Landscape Architecture Interpreting Cultural Landscape through Prospect and Passage
Project location: Rome
  2007 Lisa Switkin
Field of study: "Will study effects and influences of "Monument Landscapes" and their associated territory, on planning, initiatives and the growth of the development of Rome."
    2006 Richard Barnes
Field of study: Project: Constructed Landscapes: Photographic research exploring meanings conjured by excavated artifacts relocated to the constructed landscape of the museum.
    2006 Willett Moss
Field of study: A San Francisco landscape architect. His project is "To study conditions that bring a visceral response to aleatoric landscapes and how they can be applied to the designed landscape to bind a person to their environment.
    2004 Sarah Kuehl
Field of study: "Project: "Landscape and War" - Studying how war transforms land. She will focus on fortifications and how they affect freedom of movement, public space and city form."
    2003 Joseph Ragsdale
School: University of Virginia MLA University of California at Berkeley BLA
Field of study: "Lecturer, Landscape Architecture Dept. California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA 93407 Project title: source + surface I intersections in goelogy, extraction and tectonics."
    2003 Joel Katz
Field of study: Photography
    2001 Peter Osler
School: Harvard Grad School of Design MLA University of Michigan BS
Field of study: Architecture
    2001 David Meyer
    1999 Laurel McSherry
School: "Associate Professor/School of Planning and Architecture, College of Architectute and Environmental Design"
Field of study: Project: How human communities maintain heritage in light of the contnued and inevitable rearranging of the material landscape.
    1998 Elise Brewster
School: University of CA-Berkeley MLA/MFA Amherst College BA
Field of study: "Project: Investigation of ancient garden sites, including the Forum and ruins of Nero's Golden House.Owner of KALLOS"
    1998 Tom Leader
Field of study: "Project: Opening up the process and producton of design to our senses and imagination Partner/Peter Walker & Partners, Berkeley, CA"
    1996 James Wescoat
School: University of Chicago- Geography Ph.D. University of Chicago- Geography MA Louisiana State University BLA
Field of study: Landscape Architecture Project: "Use of Water in Urban Landscape"
    1995 Peter O'Shea
School: University of Virginia/MLA Bates College/BA
Field of study: Project: Record Public & Private use of Walls in Italian Town & Cityscape.
    1994 Gary Hilderbrand
    1994 Leslie Ryan
School: Yale University Master of Environmental Design
Field of study: Environmental Design Project: A holistic approach to the gardens & landscapes of Rome.
    1992 Thomas Oslund
School: Harvard Grad School of Design MLA University of Minnesota BLA
Field of study: Principal/Oslund & Assoc.
    1990 Julie Bargmann
School: Harvard Graduate School of Design MLA Carnegie Mellon University BA in Sculpture
Field of study: Building regenerative landscapes
    1990 Peter Schaudt
School: Harvard Graduate School of Design MLA University of Illinois - Chicago BA Architecture
    1989 Linda Cook
    1987 Elizabeth Hermann
    1987 John Tuttle
School: University of MA MLA RI School of Design BLA
Field of study: Landscape Architecture Principal/The SMA Group
    1986 Joanna Dougherty
    1984 Stacy Moriarty
    1984 Chip Sullivan
    1983 Nancy Moriarty
    1982 Jack "Sullivan, FASLA"
    1982 Richard Burck
    1980 Michael Vergason
School: University of Virginia MLA University of Virginia BS
Field of study: Landscape Architecture
    1979 Stephen Haus
School: "Rhode Island School of Design BFA Nakane Institute, Kyoto, Japan"
    1975 Leonard Torre
School: LSU BLA
    1975 James Turner
    1973 Laurie Olin
    1972 Charles Rapp
School: University of California at Berkeley MLA Syracuse & SUNY BLA
    1970 Peter Pollack
    1970 Albert Lamb
School: University of Michigan MLA Rhode Island School of Design BLA
    1969 Paul Pawlowski
School: University of Michigan MLA University of Virginia BLA
Field of study: "Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Planning, Interior Architecture President/Director of Design and Planning"
    1966 Dean Johnson
    1964 Roger Martin
    1962 Don Olson
    1961 Eric Armstrong
School: University of CA BS
    1957 Stephen Bochkor
    1953 Richard Bell
School: NC State University BS Landscape Architecture
Field of study: Landscape Architecture
    1940 Stuart Mertz

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