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  2013 Kevin Barnes
School: Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana
Field of study: Kevin Barnes is a Master’s candidate at Ball State University, Muncie, IN. The title of his research is “Cerulean Warbler Settlement Cues: a con-specific attraction study.” Kevin will study why Cerulean Warblers, an endangered species, tend to settle in clusters within much larger expanses of suitable breeding habitat. The study relates to the Peacock Award’s goals of linking studies of habitat use and conservation. As one reviewer noted, “This study adopts a novel approach and could change how we think about habitat selection and settlement criteria in this and other endangered species.”
  2013 Michelle Avis
School: State University of New York, School of Forestry
Field of study: Michelle Avis is a Master’s candidate at the SUNY (State University of New York) School of Forestry. Her research proposal’s title is “Automated Telemetry for Tracking Breeding Piping Plovers: A novel approach for evaluating risks of wind turbine collisions.” Michelle will undertake a habitat use study on Piping Plovers (Charadrius melodus), an endangered species. The goal is to track the birds throughout their daily cycle, including at night and during inclement weather, to follow when and where they move among habitat patches. The wind turbine component adds a conservation context to this study of the use of spatial habitat.
  2013 Andrew Johnson
School: Cornell University
Field of study: Andrew Johnson is a senior at Cornell University. Andrew is studying the nesting biology and movements of Whimbrels (Numenius phaeopus)at a field site above the Arctic Circle in Manitoba, Canada. He will explore the relationship between habitat features and nesting success, as subtle features of the plant community around Whimbrel nests seem to influence their visibility to predators. He will also retrieve day-length data loggers which he placed on 25 adult Whimbrels last year. The data loggers have recorded the daily movement of the birds as they migrated to South America and back. He plans to complete a documentary-style film on his project and Whimbrel migration.
  2012 Shannon Buckley
School: State University of New York
Field of study: She is an M.S. candidate at the State University of New York, College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse. She will study the landscape and nest predation dynamics in the declining Rusty Blackbird (Euphagus carolinus) in a regional, multi-scale study.
    2012 Alyssa Borowske
School: University of Connecticut
Field of study: Is a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Connecticut, Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology. Her project is entitled, Linking Life History Strategies to the Choices and Consequences of Habitat Selection in Saltmarsh and Seaside Sparrows, Two Coastal Sparrows of Conservation Concern.
  2011 Taza Schaming
School: Cornell University Pd.DTufts University BS
Field of study: "Ph.D. student in Natural Resources at Cornell, will study the relationship between threatened Clarks Nutcrackers and White-bark Pines. These pines are undergoing a severe decline which is likely driving the decline of the nutcrackers that depend cri"
    2011 Ryan Kalinowski
School: Humboldt State University
Field of study: "Masters Student at Humboldt State University in California, will spend a field season in the Sierra Nevadas investigating the habitats and resources necessary to sustain Great Grey Owls."
    2010 Juliet Lamb
School: Harvard College - Bachelor's University of Massachusetts Amherst - M.S.
Field of study: "Will assess the effectiveness of controlled burning and fabric barriers for restoring tern nesting habitat, where Common and Roseate Terns were saved from eradication by intensive restoration efforts."
Project location: Gulf of Maine
    2010 Katie Percy
School: Louisiana State University - B.S. - Major: National Resource Ecology & Management Concentration: Conservation Biology University of Tennessee - M.S.
Field of study: "In the Cumberland Mountains warbler stronghold, prescribed burning has restored needed habitat. Katie will monitor the warbler response to management actions including prescribed burning, further refining a conservatin strategy."
    2009 Brian Tavernia
School: Tufts University Ph.D. Candidate - 2010 Muhlenberg College B.S. in Biology - 2004
Field of study: Biology Will study acoustic habitat degradation and investigate whether traffic noise degrades habit for wetland birds.
    2009 Kevin Brindock
School: Humboldt State University M.Sc. - Wildlife Universityof North Carolina at Wilmington
Field of study: "Wildlife Will study habitat selection of western snowy plovers during non-breeding season in Humboldt County, CA"
Project location: "Humboldt County, CA"
    2008 Tracey Johnson
School: Texas A&M University B.S. Kansas State University M.S. Oregon State University Ph.D in Progress
Field of study: Fisheries & Wildlife Science Will Study the Influence of Livestock Grazing Intensity on Grassland-Breeding Bird Habitat Quality
    2008 Amber Roth
School: University of Wisconsin-Madison M.S. & B.S. Michigan Technological University Ph.D in Progress
Field of study: Forest Science Golden Winged Warbler Habitat Conservation from Wisconsin to Colombia
    2007 Trina Bayard
School: Lewis and Clark College BA Biology University of Connecticut Graduate Student
Field of study: Avian Ecology Testing the role of social cues in Habitat Selection Behavior
    2007 Kelly Caruso
School: University of Tennessee MS Graduate Student
Field of study: Intends to apply her and her colleagues' experience with Golden-winged Warblers nesting ecology and habitat management to develop a conservation stratedgy for the Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee.
Project location: Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee
    2007 Jason Townsend
School: College of Environmental Science and Forestry State University of New York
Field of study: Intends to investigate patterns of mercury accumulation in Bicknell's Thrushes.
Project location: Catskill Mountains of New York
    2006 Page Klug
School: Kansas State University Ph.D. Candidate University of Nebraska M.S. Biology Drake University B.S. Environemental Science & Policy
Field of study: Biology/Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Proposal: Interactions between grassland birds and their snake predators: the potential for conservation benefits or conflicts in the tall grass prairie.
    2006 Orien Richmond
School: "University of California Ph.D.Candidate - Dept. of Environmental Science, Policy and management Stanford University M.S. & B.S."
Field of study: Earth Science Proposal: "Development of a bird-habitat model in freshwater wetlands of the Sierra foothills using high-resolution imagery"
Project location: Sierra foothills
    2005 Katherine Postelli
School: University of Hawaii at Manoa PHD Candidate
Field of study: Botany Proposal: Avifaunal turnover from native to invasive bird species in Hawaiian forests: could the Kallij Pheasant replace Hawaii's extinct dispersers?
Project location: Hawaii
    2005 Tania Kim
School: Florida State Ph.D. Candidate University of Florida M.A. Zoology
Field of study: "Zoology Study: Bottom-up versus top-down effects in limiting the abundance and distribution of a keystone avian resource species, Quercus geminata"
Project location: Florida Scrub
    2004 Lesley Bulluck
School: "University of Tennessee, Knoxville PhD Candidate"
Field of study: Project: The general demography and distribution of Golden-winged Warblers in abandoned surface mines.
Project location: Cumberland Mountains of Tennessee
    2004 Tracey Walker
School: Iowa State University Masters Degree Animal Ecology
Field of study: "Animal Ecology Study: Response of grassland songbirds to management practices in native prairies of the Loess Hills, Iowa."
Project location: "Loess Hills, Iowa"
    2003 Jeanne Hammond
School: Humboldt State University Graduate Student
Field of study: "Project: Identify nest predators, document predation rates on the Consumnes River Preserve in California, pertaining to nesting Modesto Song Sparrows."
Project location: "Consumnes River Preserve, CA"
    2003 Krista Bush
School: University of ALberta/PHD Candidate
Field of study: Project: Genetic Diversity and Paternity Analysis of Endangered Canadian Sage Grouse population in all of North America.
    2003 Christina Donehower
School: "McGill Universtiy, Montreal, Canada PHD Candidate"
Field of study: Project: Elimination of Lobster Bait Discards - the Key to Effective Gull Control in Maine?
    2002 Angela McMellen
School: University of GA
    2002 Kirk Roth
School: Ball State University
Field of study: Study: "Cerulean Warbler Breeding Biology".
    2001 Amber Pairis
School: "Antioch New England Graduate School in Keene, New Hamshire - Ph.D."
Field of study: Study: "The Role of Fire on Califonria Gnatcatcher Reproductive success on Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base"
Project location: Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base
    2001 Liba Pejchar
School: UC Santa Cruz Ph.D. student in the Department of Environmental Studies
Field of study: Study: "Foraging Behavior and Critical Habitat of the Endangered Akiapolaau (Hawaiian Honeycreeper)"
    2001 James Tucker
School: Auburn University Ph.D. Candidate Graduates 2002
Field of study: "Study: Investigate the relationship between the declining Bachman's Sparrow and the management of its prime habitat, long leaf pine forests."
    2000 Bonnie Peterson
School: "San Diego State University, San Diego, CA"
Field of study: Study: The Effects of Adjacent Land Use and Habitat Edge on Nest Predation of the Least Bell's Vireo.
    2000 Bryan Sharp
School: San Diego State
Field of study: Study: Factors Influencing the Incidence of Brood Parasitism by Brown-headed Cowbirds on the least Bell's Vireo.
    1999 Ralph Hames
School: Cornell University Ph.D. Candidate
Field of study: Habitat fragmentation of Cooper's Hawks
Project location: "Tompkins County, NY"
    1999 A. Williams
School: Appalachian State University
Field of study: Study: To monitor the activity of fledgling saw-whet owls when they leave their natural home in the forests of southern Applachian Mountains.
Project location: Southern Appalachian Mountains
    1998 Stephen Hale
School: University of New Hampshire
Field of study: "Predictive Mapping of High Elevation, Spruce-fir Community Bird Species in Using Remote Sensing (Bicknell's Thrush)"
Project location: New Hampshire
    1997 Lauren Wemmer
School: University of Minnesota
Field of study: Critical habitat evaluation for the Piping Plover
Project location: Great Lakes Region
    1997 Matthew Wasson
School: Cornell University
Field of study: Ecological importance of calcium availability for passerines breeding in highly acidified areas
Project location: Northern US
    1995 Rebecca Safran
School: Humboldt State University Ph.D. Candidate University of Michigan BS
Field of study: "Analysis of habitat use of the White-faced Ibis, a listed species of special concern to detemine specific patterns of use."
Project location: "West Grasslands District, Pacific Flyway (University of Nevada-Reno)"

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