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  2013 Peter Westley Guiden
School: Miami University, Ohio
Field of study: Peter Westley Guiden, Master’s candidate at Miami University, OH, will research the dispersal by white-tailed deer of the highly invasive Amur honeysuckle. He will analyze his data into a “seed shadow,” calculating the maximum distance the seeds can be carried by deer. Previously, birds were deemed to be the only vectors.
  2013 Alex Van Huynh
School: Moravian College, Philadelphia
Field of study: Alex Van Huynh, a junior at Moravian College, Philadelphia, will do a program in Manu Park, Peru, studying different species of Cecropia trees and learning why some do, while others do not, have a mutualistic relationship with Azteca ants to protect themselves from leaf-cutter ant herbivores.
Project location: Peru
  2013 Sandra Mardonovich
School: Miami University, Ohio
Field of study: Sandra Mardonovich, a Master’s candidate at Miami University, OH,will collect natural populations of papaya beyond Costa Rica borders in Central America to discover new genes which could improve papaya cultivation and cause resistance to disease. Collections will be given to herbaria in the respective countries.
Project location: Costa Rica
  2012 Seana Kasey Walsh
School: University of Hawaii at Manoa
Field of study: Masters Candidate, will examine the floral biology and breeding systems of an endangered endemic Hawaiian plant.
  2012 Katherine Ellen Jumper
School: College of Atlantic
Field of study: A first-year graduate student in fungal plant ecology at the College of the Atlantic, Maine, will research fungi on serpentine sites to determine whether there are different species of mushrooms between serpentine and granite-based soils in two different quarries on the Deer Isles of Maine.
  2012 Monique Marie Picon
School: University of California
Field of study: A senior at the University of California, Berkeley, will be a Summer Assistant to a Berkeley Tropical Botanist and will be assisting with tropical tree identification, pollination experiments and mapping in both white sand and clay soil forests in the Allpahuayo Mishana Reserve, Peru.
Project location: Peru
  2011 Margraret Mansfield
School: College of the Altantic-Human Ecology B.A.
Field of study: "She plans to study diversity and soil tissue relations of plants at Callahan Mine in Brooksville, Maine. The survey includes a vascular plant survey."
  2011 Jillian Gall
School: College of the Atlantic
Field of study: "A sophomore at the College of the Atlantic in Bar Harbor, Maine. Her program includes the study of geobotany of Deer Isle, plant-insect relations and ecosystem health."
  2011 Elisa Meyer
School: Augustana College
Field of study: "Senior at Augustana College in Rock Island, Illinois. Her research will include field and laboratory identification of plants common to the upper Mississippi, with an emphasis on Illinois."
  2011 Cassandra Coleman
School: University of Alabama
Field of study: A candidate for a Masters degree at the University of Alabama, will be participating in field collection, identification, herbarium work and lab work in Ecuador and Alabama.
Project location: Ecuador
    2010 Diana DelleChiaie
School: Colby College - B.A. Biology: Neusoscience and Government
Field of study: "Will pursue a five-month internship through the Conservation and Land Management Program, assisting professional staff at the Bureau of Land Management, National Park Service and/or The U.S. Forest Service, in conducting field work."
Project location: "Lakewood, Colorado"
    2010 Luka Negoita
School: College of the Atlantic - Junior
Field of study: Is focusing on field botany and ecology. Luka's summer program will be the study of vascular flora of Little Duck Island
Project location: Maine
    2009 Jesse Hersh
School: Southern Oregon University Master's Candidate in Environmental Education/Botany University of California - Santa Barbara B.A. Physical Anthropology
Field of study: "Field Botany/Landscape Interpretation Will attend a series of lectures and field trips entitled "National landscape Interpretation in Idaho, Oregon and California.""
Project location: "Idaho, Oregon, California"
    2009 Ashley DuVal
School: Universityof California-Berkeley B.S. 2006 College of Natural Resources Yale School of Forestry Environmental Studies; Master's Candidate 2010
Field of study: Economic Botany Will study efforts to domesticate and improve production of the ecai fruit in Brazil through genetics and a rural extension program.
    2008 Alicia Smith
School: North Carolina State University B.S. in Progress
Field of study: "Forest Ecology Will intern at the Powdermill Natural Reserve perfoming field work, collecting vegetation data and representative photos on the vegetation."
Project location: "Carnegie Museum of Natural History in Rector, PA"
    2008 Zachary Brym
School: University of Michigan Senior
Field of study: "Botany, Theoretical Ecology Functional Trait Analysis of Invasive Autumn Olive"
Project location: University of Michigan's ES George Preserve
    2008 Benjamin Plourde
School: University of Connecticut Junior - B.S. in Progress in Biological Science and Physics
Field of study: Will study the tropical rainforests. His project is entitled "Life History and Wood Specific Gravity of Secondary Forest Trees."
Project location: La Selva Biological Station in Cost Rica.
    2008 Amanda Wendt
School: The Evergreen State College B.S. Kirkwood Community College A.A. University of Connecticut Ph.D
Field of study: Tropical Forest Ecology Will attend a summer course in Tropical Plant Systemics offered by the Org for Tropical Studies & taught in Costa Rica. Will focus on remnant tree community effects on tent-rooting fruit bats in secondary tropical forests.
Project location: Northeastern Costa Rica
    2007 Kevi Mace
School: Wesleyan University Senior
Field of study: "Will participate in the 2007 Bio Blitz. She will sort, edentify and catalogue plants with university botantiists to produce a final report."
Project location: "Middletown, CT"
    2006 Lara Reynolds
School: University of Hawaii - Honolulu Senior
Field of study: Botany Will conduct a botanical inventory and survey for rare and endangered plants on the Kipapa Trail in the O'ahu Forest National Wildlife Refuge.
Project location: "O'ahu, Hawaii"
    2005 Teague Embrey
School: "Whitman College, Walla Walla, WA Graduate 2006"
Field of study: "Botany Will summer with Dr. David Neill from Missouri Botanical Garden and the National Herbarium of Quito, Ecuador botanizing in the Cordillera del Condor region."
Project location: "Cordillera del Condor region of Quito, Ecuador "
    2004 Stephen Stern
School: University of North Carolina - Ashville 2005
Field of study: 2003: Will identify key areas of botanical significance to determine which pristine areas are key to save from logging or farming. 2004: Will return to Guyana to collect & doc. the var. flora & bring back to the Smithsonian Herb. Collect.
Project location: Guyana
    2004 Marie Terlizzi
School: Syracuse University Graduate program in conservation biology with a plant emphasis
Field of study: Field Botany Will do a volunteer internship with the Bergen Swamp Preservation Society to conduct a survey for rare plant species at the society's Zurich Bog preserve.
Project location: "Wayne County, NY"
    2003 Hilary Parkinson
School: "Boise State university, Boise, ID Junior"
Field of study: Project: Work at Bureau of land management native plant gardens doing field work monitoring rare plant species at Snake River Basin and surrounding vicinities in Idaho.
Project location: Idaho
    2003 Olin Taylor
School: Appalachian State University Master's Candidate
Field of study: "Will work near the Indian Reservation in Mojave Desert and National Artic Wildlife Refuge, creating plant inventories and seed sources to bring back to growers and scientists."
    2002 Ana Fishbein
School: Washington University in St. Louis
Field of study: "Plans to participate in field program to collect and identify Rosa species native to the Ozarks and surrounding region, cataloguing species, habitat diversity, other ecological & vegetative features."
Project location: "St. Louis, MO"
    2002 Rachel Mukai
School: "Covenant College, Lookout Mountain, GA"
Field of study: Environmental Biology Taking courses in field botany and forest ecology at Au Sable Institute. Emphasis upon on-site examination of plants.
Project location: Michigan
    2001 Lisa Kruse
School: University of Georgia Department of Botany graduate student
Field of study: "Botany Study: The first comprehensive floristic survey of the Upper Etowah Basin in North Georgia, a rapidly urbanizing area."
Project location: "Athens, GA"
    2001 Khara Grieger
School: Michigan State University MS
Field of study: Botany (Field Ecology) Study: Investigate the Lake Michigan dune habitats most vulnerable to the commonly planted landscape species of invasive Pinus nigra (Austrian pine).

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