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GCA Medals: Mrs. Oakleigh Thorne Medal

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The Mrs. Oakleigh Thorne Medal is awarded for outstanding achievement in design, architecture, or art related to the garden.

Award description on the certificate: In recognition of outstanding achievement in garden design

History: The Mrs. Oakleigh Thorne Medal was designed in 1954 by Miss Maude Robinson and presented and endowed by the Millbrook Garden Club in memory of their member, Mrs. Oakleigh Thorne, one of the founders of The Garden Club of America. Mrs. Thorne played an important role in every major accomplishment of the organization. She designed gardens of unique distinction and rare beauty in the civic and private sectors of the New York and California communities in which she lived.

Portfolios for the Mrs. Oakleigh Thorne Medal should include photographs or blueprints, and the Awards Committee may consult with accredited sculptors or landscape architects.

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