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GCA Medal Winners: Mrs. Oakleigh Thorne Medal

2023 Darrel Morrison

For his ecological restoration, sustainable design work and teaching.

2002 Leland Bryan Miyano

Presented to Leland Bryan Miyano, whose knowledge of botany and his remarkable talent as a garden designer all began at a very tender age with a curiosity that grew and emerged as an intellectual force, ultimately involving assembling plants.  His knowledge of botany is further illustrated in recently published books, and as a consultant with Fred Rauch.  Leland's garden commissions have included the Contemporary Museum in Honolulu, a residence in Arizona, consultation work in Taiwan, and private gardens throughout Hawaii.

2000 John Trexler

Presented to John W. Trexler, who in only fifteen years, designed, relocated and built Massachesetts' Tower Hill Botanic Garden into New England's most comprehensive botanic garden and a major center for horticultural education.

1998 Anne Holt Clark

For her extensive and diverse garden reflecting her evolving interests as a gardener and as a professional landscape designer.

1988 The Garden Club of Allegheny County

In recognition of its many talented members who had the vision to bring together design, art, architecture and plant material in producing, in partnership with the city of Pittsburgh, the restoration of the Outdoor Garden at Phipps Conservatory.

1984 Mrs. John W. S. Platt

Her garden, incorporating unusual plant material into a design of harmony, beauty and distinction, is used as a learning facility for students of both horticulture and landscape architecture.

1983 Mrs. Harriet Rodes Bakewell

Each of her landscape projects is unique, but all set a high standard for their definition of space, the selection of plants and construction materials.

1982 Mr. Richard L. Turner

Awarded to Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Turner.

In recognition of outstanding garden design in which they have created a magnificent harmony of house to garden.

1982 Nancy Turner

Allyn's Creek Garden Club, Zone III

Awarded to Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Turner.

In recognition of outstanding garden design in which they have created a magnificent harmony of house to garden.

1975 Diane Kostial McGuire

Restorer of ancient gardens, designer of new ones, her scholarly work and her practical application of design principles secure her present and lasting eminence.

1974 Hubert Bond Owens

Founder and Dean of the University of Georgia School of Environmental Design; in recognition of is notable achievement in landscape architecture.

1973 Anne Bruce Haldeman

Talented landscape architect; faithful adherence to absolute purity of authenticated historial data, inclusive of color, form, fragrance; exemplification of excellence in traditional and contemporary designs and executions.

1972 Elvira Broome Doolan

In recognition of her outstanding achievement in garden design and for the creative ability and originality she has displayed.

1971 Edith Harrison Henderson

Articulate, persuasive and persistent exponent of the art of landscape design as a way of improving our environment.

1970 Richard K.Webel

For his distinguished career in landscape architecture, as creator of exceptional beauty in his designs for private gardens as well as large federal and municipal projects.

1969 Thomas D. Church

In recognition of his influence on contemporary landscape architecture and his imaginative approach to garden design in his book Gardens Are For People.

1967 Fletcher Steele

Distinguished landscape architect, whose many works reflect his fine discrimination, artistry, insight and creative skill.

1961 Miss Constance Borden

Her achievement in garden design and original ideas qualify her as a landscape architect of the highest rank.

1960 Miss Amelia Peabody

Sculptor and gardener - skillful and deeply artistic, her works have been widely exhibited and acclaimed.

1959 Robert Allerton

Notable landscape architect.  Creator of one of the great gardens of our time on the Island of Kauai, Hawaii, featuring exotic plants and trees.

1957 Sylvia Shaw Judson

For her outstanding creation of garden sculpture.

1956 Mrs. Irving C. Wright

For her originality and execution of garden design.