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GCA Medal Winners: Amy Angell Collier Montague Medal


2023 Boston Symphony Orchestra

For its outstanding community programming showcasing the power of music and nature.

2022 Adrian Benepe

Awarded to Adrian Benepe for his lifelong effort to promote green spaces, expanding urban parks in creative and novel ways.

2014 Edna Claunch

Rochester Garden Club, Zone III

Her legacy is the hybrids of our native gem, the Louisiana Iris, blooming in international gardens of friendship as a perennial gift to the world. 

2010 John A. Karel

Presented to: John A. Karel, A leader of extraordinary vision, dedication and skill who has made remarkable contributions to the preservation and restoration of historic landscapes and civic structures of national significance.

2007 Jean Woodhull

The Garden Club of Dayton, Zone X

A visionary community leader, dedicated to the creation and conservation of urban open space, she has established a legacy for future generations of metropolitan Dayton. 

2005 Connie White

The Garden Club of Cleveland, Zone X

Presented to Connie White who balanced 40 years of service to GCA with energetic leadership in civic beautification preservation and environmental issues in her community - culminating in her election as mayor of the historic village of Gates Mills, Ohio. 

2003 Beth Allen Straus

In recognition of her long time commitment to the creation of gardens for the public's enjoyment and education, and her untiring efforts to provide the funding to secure their future.

2001 Anne Coppedge Carr

Presented to Ann Coppedge Carr for her profound impact on major facets of Atlanta's civic history.  By any standard of measurement, the Cherokee Garden Library remains the crown jewel of Ann's widespread contributions to the city.

1999 Mary Price Ratrie

For giving unstintingly of her time, and for her lasting contributions to the growth and future of the Charleston, West Virginia area.

1997 Garden Club of Allegheny County

Presented to the Garden Club of Allegheny County for its organization, execution and follow-up of the Step-One Conference addressing environmental education.

1995 Natalie Leach Haslam

Presented to Natalie Haslam, for her continuous leadership and service to the causes of the arts, education, history, mental health, gardening and conservation in Knoxville and the state of Tennessee.

1993 River Oaks Garden Club

Presented to the River Oaks Garden Club, which since its inception in 1927, has been an active participant in beautification, preservation and conservation efforts in the greater Houston area, enhancing public awareness of horticulture.

1991 Elizabeth Proctor

The Garden Club of Nashville, Zone IX

Presented to Mrs. Proctor, a member of the Garden Club of Nashville.  By virtue of her leadership in promoting the quality of life in her own community, Belle Meade, Tennessee, she subsequently became its mayor, and has continued an innovative campaign to develop a master plan for landscape enhancement of the community.

1989 Betsey Beeler Creekmore

In recognition of her imagination and vision in conceiving and implementing the Dogwood Trails and Arts Festival, a remarkable community project, in the City of Knoxville, Tennessee; and for continuing to utilize her many talents in bringing the beauty, culture and history of her city to people in all walks of life.

1987 Ruth Capers McKay

For her energetic and enduring dedication to beautifying Boston's parks and public gardens, and for sharing her administrative talents in the city's best interests.

1985 Mrs. Richard M. Moore

For her concern for heer community and especially for her perserverance in the founding and development of the Des Moines Botanical Garden.

1984 The Garden Club of Palm Beach

For fighting to retain the highest standards in conservation and beautification in the community since 1929.

1983 Mary May Binney Wakefield

For improving the horticultural quality of New England's roads and parks, including hybridizing Cornus kousa and struggling to preserve endangered species.

1982 Mrs. Wesley w. Kyle, Jr.

For her lifelong concern with civic, cultural and community interests, which has enhanced the quality of life in the Beaumont, Texas area.

1980 Mrs. Brooks Brown, Jr.

For her lifelong concern with state, civic and community interests and her dedication to a better America.

1979 Mrs. Wilbur C. Windsor

In recognition of her 45 years in invaluable community service and outstanding civic achievement in restoration, preservation and beautification.

1978 Mrs. Corydon Wagner

Her knowledge of plants, sense of design and sense of purpose has had an extraordinary effect on the quality of life of the great Northwest.

1977 Montine McDaniel Freeman

In recognition of her role as the moving force in the restoration of the Gallier House.

1976 Iris Jennings Vail

For her extraordinary vision and dedication resulting in outstanding civic accomplishments.

1975 Elizabeth and Cartter Patten

Preservers of beauty in nature and in the works of men, their zeal for the public good makes them exemplars of noblesse oblige.

1974 Mrs. B. Tappen Fairchild

For a lifetime of productive involvement in civic affairs and projects for improving the quality of life.

1973 Mary Wise and Ben Parrott

With recognition of dual civic achievements for four decades, including religious, educational, philanthropic, cultural and horticultural activities; for their abiding generosity of spirit.

1972 Mrs. Benjamin M. Belcher

For creative coordinating leadership at the Bryant Park Flower Show, bringing to thousands an awareness of the beauty and importance of living plants.

1971 Jennie Taber Clarkson Dreher

For her enthusiasm, zeal and determination in restoring Ainsley Hall, and for initiating other projects that awakened community interest in the preservation of Columbia's historic past.

1970 Ellen Stokes Wemyss

For her vision, leadership and determination in the restoration and preservation of historic homes in Tennessee.

1969 Francis Battey Schwab

For the conceiving of and establishment of a major civic center and artistic achievement, "Christmas Trees Around the world."

1968 Mrs. John T. Wainright

For her outstanding career as City Commissioner of Miami, and later Vice-Mayor, which broought beautification and better living conditions to that area.

1967 Mrs. Pendleton Miller

For her courage, diplomacy, diligence and technical skill in bringing about the beautification of civic landscaping in the Seattle area.

1966 Mrs. Milton R. Underwood

Who, with the constant help of her husband, has completely recreated "Rosedown", one of the most beautiful plantations in the South.  Through this they revitalized a whole township by providing residents with permanent employment and a source of pride.

1965 Mrs. Arthur L. Montgomery

Through whose efforts and determination to the Fragrance Garden for the Blind was created in Atlanta.

1964 The Westport Garden Club

For its vision, its energetic and continuing advisory, manual and financial help in making the Junior Gallery and Creative Arts Center of the Nelson-Atkins Gallery of Art in Kansas City, Missouri, an important part of the cultural growth of the commu

1963 Mrs. Herbert McKelden Smith

For her forceful and successful approach to worthwhile projects, including the preservation and restoration of President Woodrow Wilson's birthplace and the founding of the Historic Garden Week in Virginia.

1962 French Broad River Garden Club

For establishment of the Biltmore Country Market.

1961 Mrs. John W. Becker

Outstanding civic leader, conservationist and horticulturist.

1960 Mrs. Stephen C. Clark

Distinguished for her many civic projects in Cooperstown, New York.