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GCA Medal Recipients: Natalie Peters Webster Medal

2018 Polly Pierce

Noanett Garden Club, Zone I

For sharing her love of native plants, showing us their beauty, encouraging their creative use, and ensuring their continued availability.

1999 William Pannill

For his life-long dedication to the highly successful hybridizing and showing of daffodils.

1997 Josephine Shanks

The Garden Club of Houston, Zone IX

For the thousands of hours spent promoting Louisiana irises to be used creatively as beautiful additions too both personal and display gardens, and for being at the forefront of the effort to make the Louisiana iris available to those who appreciate its beauty.

1995 Allen Haskell

Garden Club of Buzzards Bay, Zone I

An artistic and horticultural genius, for collecting, nurturing and sharing rare and unusual plants and for continual favors and professional expertise to other gardeners.

1993 Dr. Clotilde Magnant Straus

In recognition of her study, mapping of wetlands, and plantings in and around Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

1991 Molly McGuire Grothaus

For her dedication to the growth and promoton of alpine, rhododendrons, and rare endangered plant material.  And for her outstanding effort in preserving the Rae Selling Berry Botanic Garden.

1989 The Garden Club of Houston

For its outstanding achievement in establishing a yearly Bulb and Plant Mart in 1942.  Thus making available to the public these past 47 years, numerous species and cultivars of ornamental plants suitable for the gulf coast area; for educating the publlic to their use, and for promoting the availability of varieties of native plants whose culture should be encouraged.

1987 Henrietta E. S. Lockwood

For sharing her abundant knowledge of plant culture, her garden and plants, and for sharing her dedication to the highest standards of exhibiting at flower shows.

1985 Mrs. Harry Hull

Her award-winning rock garden features rare alpine plants she has collected in many parts of the world.

1982 Bonnylin Woods Martin

For her service to horticulture and her devotion to her remarkable collection of bonsai.

1981 Elisabeth Carey Miller

For her remarkable ability as a horticulturist and for her collections of unusual and rare plant material, which she shares and teaches others to use.

1980 Mrs. Bruce Crane

For her imaginative use of unusual plants and for her work with the effect of three basic elements on seeds causing abnormalities in the plants produced.