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GCA Medal Winners: Historic Preservation Medal

2021 The Preservation Society of Newport County

Awarded for outstanding work in the field of preservation and/or restoration of historic gardens or buildings of national importance.

2020 Charles Birnbaum

For his work as founder of The Cultural Landscape Foundation and his dedication to saving and cataloging important gardens and landscapes across the United States.

2019 USS CONSTITUTION and USS Constitution Museum

In recognition of their dual roles, preserving an American symbol and furthering the understanding of the role of the US Navy in war and peace.

2018 Stephen F. Byrns

For his extraordinary vision and inspiring efforts to rescue Untermyer Gardens and restore them to their former splendor.

2017 Richard Hampton Jenrette

In recognition of unequaled contributions to historic preservation through leadership, scholarship, and impeccable restorations of historically significant properties and their surrounding landscapes and gardens; and for exceptional vision in establishing Classical American Homes Preservation Trust. 

2016 William D. Rieley

For his steadfast dedication to the restoration and preservation of America’s landscape heritage, accomplished with diplomacy and unparalleled creativity.

2015 George Eastman House

Historic Preservation encompasses not only the grand home and gardens of Mr. Eastman, but applies to this significant museum’s film and movie preservation and restoration.

2014 Nelda C. and H.J. Lutcher Stark Foundation

For providing educational and inspirational resources for the study and enjoyment of art, history and nature. 

2012 The Garden Conservancy

For its outstanding achievement in preserving exceptional American gardens as integral elements of our national artistic and cultural heritage.


2011 Peter J. Hatch

Awarded to Peter J. Hatch for his commitment to horticultural excellence, his outstanding research and his vision to reestablish Thomas Jefferson's landscape at Monticello.

2010 Mount Vernon Ladies' Association

Presented to Mount Vernon Ladies' Association, for 150 years of inspiring leadership in historic preservation and farsighted ability to bring America's first president alive through restoration, interpretation and education.

2008 Mr. Michael C. Quinn

Presented to Michael C. Quinn, a lifelong preservationist who is curently President of The Montpelier Foundation.  He has led his organization in launching and carrying out the most significant preservation project of this generation:  the restoration of Montpelier, the home of James and Dolley Madison.  His career includes preservation, planning and policy work in both federal and state government, successful advocacy for the preservation of historic buildings in our nation's capital and important achievements at George Washington's Mount Vernon.

2006 Mr. J. Reid Williamson

Presented to J. Reid Williamson a legend in the field of preservation.  He has preserved hundreds of buildings in Indiana and Savannagh, GA, and is founder of "Preservation Action".  He is a fearless watchdog and lobbyist for preservation law, locally and nationally.

2005 Eleanor Weller Reade

Garden Club of Twenty, Zone VI

Presented to Eleanor Weller Reade for her dedication to preserving garden history, as seen and appreciated in the GCA glass slide collection.

2004 Dr. William Seale, Jr.

Presented to William Seale, whose life work defines historic preservation, and who - as author, lecturer, and raconteur - has made our nation's history live for millions.

2000 Charles Eliot Beveridge

Presented to Charles Eliot Beveridge, whose editing, writing, speaking and consulting, have single-handedly assured Frederick Law Olmsted's place amongst the great Americans and thus made a lasting contribution to historic preservation in this country.

1998 William A. V. Cecil

For remarkable achievement in the preservation, improvement and economic development of Biltmore Estate.

1996 John Bartram Association

Presented to John Bartram Association, whose dedicated efforts to preserve a unique historic site, have resulted in the Bartram House Gardens in Philadelphia becoming a horticultural oasis for thousands of residents and tourists.

1994 Dr. Stuart Struever

Presented to Dr. Stuart Struever, Founder and Chairman of the Crow Canyon Archaeological Center, for his research of prehistoric American civilizations and for his innovative educational programs, which promote understanding of our past.

1992 Elizabeth Barlow Rogers

Presented to Elizabeth Barlow Rogers, whose dedicated efforts as a conservationist, environmentalist and preservationist have resulted in New York City's Central Park becoming a horticultural oasis for thousands of residents and tourists.

1990 Rudy J. Favretti

For his outstanding and unique work in the restoration of a large number of historic gardens on the east coast of the United States.  He has combined an academic background in landscape architecture with a feel for the historical significance of the gardens on which he worked to bring a true degree of professionalism to this very specialized field.

1988 Richard L. Kohnstamm

For his thirty-three years of dedication, persistence and business acumen in restoring Timberline Lodge to its original glory; and in appreciation of his vision for its future by founding the Friends of Timberline, a volunteer group committed to its care.

1986 The Garden Club of Virginia

For its dedication to restoring the gardens of Virginia's historic edifices.

1985 Earl D. Wallace

For almost single-handedly rescuing from oblivion the old Shaker settlement Pleasant Hill - the first restored village to be designated a National Landmark by the U. S. Department of Interior.

1984 Steele Burden

For founding the unique five-acre Rural Life Museum, which includes more than 15 restored buildings and an incomarable collection of artifacts and paraphernalia from Louisiana rural life.

1983 Mrs. Joseph M. P. Wright

For her service in all fields of historic preservation and for the excellence of her achievements, which are of great educational and inspirational value.

1982 Mr. Henry Lee

For his valuable role in promoting the restoration and preservation of historic gardens and buildings in Boston.

1981 Lila Acheson Wallace

For her creative philanthropy and determination through her generosity to preserve much of our heritage that would otherwise have been lost.

1979 Mrs. Neal S. Wood

Her lifelong work in the preservation and restoration of historic buildings has greatly enriched our nation.

1977 Alice Spaulding Bowen

By her untiring efforts she has helped preserve not only historical buildings and sites, but also the culture and art of the people of Hawaii and the Pacific.

1976 Antoinette F. Downing

Preserving rather than destroying - turning blight into beauty.

1975 Amy Bess Miller

She rescued and restored to its pristine condition of order and serenity the Shaker Village of Hancock.

1974 Gordon Gray

Chairman of the National Trust for Historic Preservation 1962 to 1973; defender of our cultural heritage, savior of its monuments.

1973 Mr. & Mrs. John H. G. Pell

In recognition of unparalleled contributions at Fort Ticonderoga, the Museum, the Pavilion and the King's Garden, preserving an historic resource of incalculable worth to the nation.