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GCA Medal Winners: Margaret Douglas Medal


2021 Diane Lewis

Bedford Garden Club, Zone III

For notable service to the cause of conservation

2020 Richard Louv

For outstanding dedication to conservation education and for reminding us that a connection to nature will ensure the survival of our species and our planet.

2018 Diana Barrow

Trustees' Garden Club, Zone VIII

Awarded to Diana Barrow and Craig Barrow. For their creative vision establishing Wormsloe Institute for Environmental History. True stewards of the land, their dedication to conservation and education will inspire future generations.  

2018 Craig Barrow

Awarded to Diana Barrow and Craig Barrow. For their creative vision establishing Wormsloe Institute for Environmental History. True stewards of the land, their dedication to conservation and education will inspire future generations.

2017 Wendy Judge Paulson

In grateful recognition of a lifetime of service to conservation through education and preservation projects that celebrate our fragile and beautiful natural world. 

2016 Ellen Mosley-Thompson

For her pioneering and courageous spirit in leading research expeditions to drill and analyze ice cores from Antarctica and Greenland, transforming scientific knowledge of Earth’s changing climate.

2016 Lonnie G. Thompson

For his perseverance in leading courageous expeditions to drill and analyze ice cores from the highest mountain glaciers and ice caps in tropical and subtropical regions, transforming scientific knowledge of Earth’s changing climate.

2015 Martha Phillips

Litchfield Garden Club, Zone II

For her tireless efforts and her extraordinary ability to turn complex conservation policy issues into easily understood, unbiased and timely communications.

2014 Steve Curwood

He opens the hearts and minds of listeners with the environmental messages that affect our planet.

2013 Douglas W. Tallamy

Presented to Douglas W. Tallamy, entomologist, author, dedicated teacher and charismatic speaker, who proved through research the synergy between life-sustaining native plants, insects, birds and other wildlife in our local environments.

2012 Mark Buscaino

Presented to Mark Buscaino for outstanding dedication to conservation education and for his role as a practical visionary in the field of urban forestry.

2011 Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Awarded to the Conservancy for Cuyahoga Valley National Park for your creative approach to conservation education which has transformed and enriched the environmental experience for thousands and stimulated an increase awareness of the importance of conservation.

2010 Anita B. Gorman

Presented to:  Anita B. Gorman, For her remarkable vision and tireless effort to bring a conservation campus to the urban core, providing an interactive education and wildlife facility to urban residents.

2009 King Milling

Presented to:  R. King Milling, For notable and tireless leadership and service to the cause of coastal restoration and conservation education.

2008 Elizabeth M. Lowe

Presented to Betsy Lowe, whose idea was to build a combination zoo, aquarium and science and nature center.  She wanted to tell the story of science and nature and help people understand the forces that shape the Adirondacks.  In 1999, the Natural History Museum of the Adirondacks gained legal status and voters of Tupper Lake donated a 31 acre site along the Raquette River and in 2006, the wild Center opened.

2007 The Student Conservation Association

Presented to SCA, Fred Prescott, accepting, a national force of conservation volunteers from all over the country helping to protect our parks, restore our environment and serve our communities.  It's 50 years go back to the mid 1950's when Elizabeth Cushman pursued her senior thesis and took two years to convince Grand Teton and Olympic National Parks to give her idea a try.

2006 Bernard W. Sweeney

Presented to:  Bernard W. Sweeney research scientist at the Stroud Water Research Center in PA.  His career in research and public education coupled with his visionary leadership of the Stroud Center has impacted our understanidng and appreciation for the important role streams, ponds, lakes and watersheds play in the health of our planet.

2005 Paula Cook Sculley

Presented to Paula Cook Sculley for her vision and dedication as seen in the program Botany in Action which opened the eyes of thousands to the importance of biodiversity in the environment.

2004 Merlin Tuttle

Presented to Dr. Merlin Tuttle, founder of Bat Conservation International, who has awakened millions to the ecological and economic value of these denizens of the night.

2003 Margaret & J. David Bamberger

Presented to Margaret & J. David Bamberger, "true stewards of the land, whose dedication to conservation and education has created a gift and an inspirtation for future generations."

2002 Katy Moss Warner

Presented to Katy Moss Warner, a horticultural consultant lecturing frequently throughout America on the importance of gardens and gardening to the quality of life.  She is particularly interested in children and the critical role gardening can play in their lives.

2001 PPG Industries

Presented to PPG Industries, Inc., Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, a leading global manufacturer supplying products world-wide for manufacturing, construction, automotive, chemical processing and other international industries.  PPG's reclamation project of its barren Lime Lakes in Ohio has won national acclaim, and serves as a model for other major corporations throughout the world.

2000 Dr. and Mrs. David T. Hellyer

Presented to Dr. and Mrs. David T. Hellyer, founders of the Northwest Trek, 500 acres of prime forest they deeded to their community of Tacoma, Washington, for the display, propagation and conservation of native northwest animals and plants.

1999 Dr. Margaret Lowman

For her research work in canopy biology while always addressing the problems of environmental protection and conserving biodiversity.

1998 Scott D. Izzo

For his profound influence in instilling a strong conservation ethic in young people through the Student Conservation Association programs.

1997 Bill Kurtis

Presented to Bill Kurtis, whose work as a documentary film maker has reached a world-wide audience, with entertaining messages about the environmental issues that affect our planet.

1996 Dr. William A. Niering

Presented to Dr. William A. Niering whose commitment to research, writing and teaching has led him to become an internationally recognized expert on wetlands and wetland plants.

1995 Rudolph E. Mancke

Presented to Rudolph E. Mancke, for his dedication and innovation in teaching people of all ages, especially young students, the wonders of nature and the need to conserve all ecosystems.

1994 Dr. Robert A. Thomas

Presented to Dr. Robert A. Thomas, Chief Executive Officer, Society for Environmental Education, whose effors to promote communication between environmentalists and industry have advanced goals of preservation and protection.

1993 Anne Hubbell French

For her constant vigilance and wise stewardship of the unique national treasure that is the Mianus River Gorge.

1992 Arthur W. Sherwood

Presented to Arthur W. Sherwood, who - as founder and first director of the Chesapeake Bay Foundation - rallied public interest to prevent the total demise of Chesapeake Bay, in the process creating a national model of cooperative effort.

1991 Lorrie Otto

Presented to Lorrie Otto, a longtime leader in the fight against the use of D.D.T.  She is an effective proponent of natural landscaping, leader and participant in prairie conferences, teacher and writer.

1990 Marjory Stoneman Douglas

For her service to the cause of environmental protection with particular reference to the Florida Everglades  Her lifelong devotion to conservation as evidenced in part by her classic volume, The Everglades:  River of Grass, has contributed significantly and uniquely to the general awareness of the importance of this great ecosystem.

1989 Winsome McIntosh

Georgetown Garden Club, Zone VI

For her inspired leadership, through study, sound thought, and judgment in educating the members of The Garden Club of America in the issues of vital concern to the environment; and encouraging them to use this knowledge in taking a more active role in support of good conservation legislation.

1988 Peggy Boyd Sharpe

For her notable service to the State of Rhode Island in educating the public to the sources of environmental pollution through her publication, How to Handle Hazardous Wastes.

1987 Nancy N. Russell

For her outstanding dedication in working to have the Columbia River Gorge designated a National Scenic area, saving this unique treasure of the northwest for posterity.

1986 Mrs. Gerrish Milliken

A brilliant teacher, her insight and understanding of environmental issues make her a leader in conservation education.

1985 Mrs. Lawrence M. C. Smith

For dedicating her life to saving America for its people of the future - through supporting conservation organizations and donating priceless gifts of land.

1983 Wendell Richard Ladue

In recognition of a lifetime dedicated to foresighted worldwide education in the conservation and intelligent use of our precious finite resource - fresh water.

1982 Mrs. W. Boulton Kelly, Jr.

For her firm and enthusiastic pursuit of conservation issues on local, regional and national levels.