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GCA Medal Winners: Katharine Thomas Cary Medal


2023 Carole Bailey

River Oaks Garden Club, Zone IX

For her ability to combine her floral artistic talent with a passion for sharing her knowledge with others.

2021 Sylvia Abbott

Litchfield Garden Club, Zone II

With deep appreciation for her inspirational talent and her devotion to share the joy of floral design through excellence in teaching, mentoring, and exhibiting.

2019 Laura Haley

Late Bloomers Garden Club, Zone VIII

For exceptional leadership in floral design as an educator, speaker, mentor and artist; for successfully restructuring and digitizing flower shows’ essential resource, the Flower Show & Judging Guide.

2018 Mary Jo Strawbridge

The Garden Workers, Zone V

With gratitude to an inspiring teacher who generously shares her expertise through lectures, workshops, articles in By Design and her own unique and creative arrangements.

2017 Jane Godshalk

Four Counties Garden Club, Zone V

For an enthusiastic, passionate, and generous teacher who continuously expands her own creative expertise, shares her knowledge, and inspires everyone in the world of floral design. 

2016 MaryEllen O'Brien

Lenox Garden Club, Zone I

With profound gratitude for her passionate commitment to every component of floral design education and for her thoughtful, encouraging mentoring which has inspired incalculable blooms of creativity.

2015 Martha McClellan

Knoxville Garden Club, Zone IX

For delightfully spreading the love of flower arranging through mentoring and educating others.

2013 Bliss Clark

The Garden Club of Michigan, Zone X

Presented to Bliss Caulkins Clark, a dedicated mentor, inspiring teacher and gifted designer.

2012 Bonny Martin

Memphis Garden Club, Zone IX

For heightening awareness of artistic and horticultural excellence through writing, recognizing and promoting talent, and raising the bar in flower arranging education nationally and internationally.

2010 Lucinda Seale

Founders Garden Club of Dallas, Zone IX

Presented to Lucinda Smith Seale. The recent growth and sophistication in the art of flower arranging in the Garden Club of America is due in large measure to the dedication and efforts of Lucinda Seale.

2009 Marty Van Allen

The Summit Garden Club, Zone IV

Presented to Marty Van Allen, in recognition of enthusiastic dedication to flower arranging education.  Your generosity of sharing knowledge, experience and innovations makes you an outstanding educator.

2008 Ruth Crocker

Cambridge Plant & Garden Club, Zone I

Presented to Ruth Cox Crocker, exhibitor, editor and teacher extraordinaire.  Ruth has won nearly every GCA flower arrangement award and is both a Flower Arranging and Horticulture Judge and was just named President of the World Association of Flower Arrangers/USA. (WAFA)

2007 Arabella Dane

North Shore GC of Massachusetts, Zone I

Presented to Arabella Dane, a woman of vision who formed the Flower Arranging Study Group of the GCA.  She has served as president of the American Horticultural Society and the Garden Club Federation of MA.  Her leadership roles in the gardening world, her perseverance in the creation of computer programs and database; and her achievement in the field of flower arrangement education has all greatly added to the furtherance of the aims of the GCA.

2006 Jane Morgan

Presented to:  Jane Morgan an Ikebana specialist and designer of prestigious gardens.  She has loosened the reins of traditionalism through her creativity and principles to educate us.

2005 Julie Lapham

Worcester Garden Club, Zone I

Presented to Julie Lapham for her talent in the fine art of flower arranging and ability to share this love with countless others in shows, symposia, workshops, lectures and demonstrations.

2003 Kit Barker

Rye Garden Club, Zone III

For her outstanding achievement as an exhibitor, judge, lecturer, and mentor in addition to her infinite capacity to inspire and educate both the experienced and novice flower arranger.

2002 Janet Moon

Garden Club of Lookout Mountain, Zone IX

Presented to:  Janet Patten Moon, whose dedication to the art of flower arrangement has been obvious for many years.  Her innate sense of balance, harmony, and beauty reflect in her floral compositions.  Janet's generous and kind encouragement to everyone has been her outstanding attribute.  She is a master who uses her soft southern charm and infectious sense of humor to inspire us to have fun while learning to create innovative flower arrangements.

1998 Sandra Baylor

The Virginia Beach Garden Club, Zone VII

To Sandra Sadler Baylor for furthering flower arrangement artistry through workshops and lectures.

1997 Kay Cobb

Trustees' Garden Club, Zone VIII

To Katherine Eaton Cobb, whose artistic ability and devotion to flower arranging have educated and inspired many.

1996 Sally Nash

Nantucket Garden Club, Zone I

To Sally Willauer Nash, who has enlightened flower arrangers at all levels from novice to expert, through her gentle, thoughful approach not only in creating but in teaching and explaining the principles of design.

1995 Georgia Vance

Garden Club of Alexandria, Zone VII

To Georgia S. Vance for sharing her knowledge of the history, techniques and artistry of flower arranging as author, lecturer and teacher.

1993 Catherine Beattie

Carolina Foothills Garden Club, Zone VIII

To Catherine H. Beattie for her expertise and her steadgfast adherence to the highest standards of The Garden Club of America.  Her artistic abillity and devotion to flower arranging have been a continuing source of education, inspiration and encouragement.

1991 Mrs. Henry B. King

Katherine Hulburt King's accomplishments in the field of flower arranging and flower arrangement education are legendary.  She superbly exhibited for thirty-two years, and at the same time, played leading management roles in the Philadelphia Flower Show.

1989 Martha Law

Garden Club of Lookout Mountain, Zone IX

Martha Newton Law, for her long and distinguished career in furthering the aims of The Garden Club of America in flower arrangement education; an inspiring teacher who encourages originality and confidence in her students through her kind and helpful critiques; her skill in arranging flowers and in communicating with an audience combine to make hers a unique talent.

1985 Mrs. Harry C. Groome, Jr.

To Mrs. Harry C. Groome, Jr., for raising the standards of flower arrangement competition and encouraging a host of would-be arrangers to enter flower shows.  Also for the free workshops she has held for many years to help exhibitors prepare their entries for the Philadelphia Flower Show.

1982 Lucy Jones

The Little Garden Club of Memphis, Zone IX

Miss Lucy Carrington Jones, in recognition of her outstanding success in teaching and application of the art of flower arrangement.

1981 Patty Vanderwarker

New Canaan Garden Club, Zone II

To Patricia Buckley Vanderwarker, for inspiring so many to be innovative and to create beautiful arrangements, stressing economy in both time and material.

1978 Mrs. Herbert H. Greger

In recognition of her outstanding success in teaching and application of the art of flower arrangement.

1977 Sheila MacQueen

For a true artist with an international reputation for innovative work, which has had a definite impact on the world of flower arrangement.

1973 Mrs. Walt Thomas

For notable achievement in the area of Flower Arrangement Education for more than three decades; for maintaining excellence in aesthetic standards.

1972 Fae Huttenlocher

For vital contributions as an internationally recognized lecturer, author, editor and instructor; and for influencing millions to grow plant material to create beauty in their homes and communities.

1971 Mrs. Oliver A. Vietor

In recognition of her generosity in teaching the art of flower arrangement and in sharing her keen love of beauty and her creative ingenuity.

1970 Mrs. Morris Alfred Esmiol

For her creative talent and artistic abillity, demonstrated in teaching, judging, staging and directing flower shows.

1969 Mary L. Day

In recognition of her creative skills and the dramatic presentations with which she has inspired others in the art of flower arranging, staging and exhibiting.

1967 Mrs. Walter a. McLean

The sharing of her unusual art and skill in all kinds of flower arrangements has had widespread influence and uniform admiration.

1965 Mrs. Laurance N. Wilson

A talented flower arranger, lecturer and author who has encouraged, instructed and inspired many prospective arrangers and judges.

1964 Mrs. Robert Wyatt Sprague

For her talent, ability and noteworthy public service combined in her teaching of the appreciation of beauty and flower arrangement.

1963 Mrs. Paul Sturtevant

For sharing her knowledge of flower arrangement and for her inspiration and encouragement in the development of judges.

1962 Mrs. Elizabeth Rhoades Reynolds

For her flower arrangement lectures, teaching and judging.

1961 Mrs. Walter R. Hine

Author of two books on flower arranging, exhibitor at important flower shows over a period of more than 25 years, judge at exhibitions throughout the country and fearless in her defense of high standards.