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GCA Medal Recipients: Jane Righter Rose Medal

2019 David Austin Roses, Ltd.

In recognition of their achievements hybridizing roses, creating a collection of unique rose cultivars that have inspired the incorporation of roses in twenty-first century gardens worldwide.  

2015 Peter E. Kukielski

For bringing the rose back into everyman's garden by demonstrating that roses can be strikingly beautiful as well as easily grown without chemicals.

2013 Stephen Scanniello

Presented to Stephen Scanniello for sharing the joy, history and wonder of roses and inspiring a new generation of rosarians.

2012 Patricia T. Henry and William M. Patterson

For their achievements in conserving Old Garden Roses through propagation, educational service nationwide and their deep passion and devotion for growing ‘roses unlimited’

2011 William Radler

Awarded to William J. Radler, the man who delivered the winning punch to the world of roses, "Mr. Knock Out".

2010 Harriet Beecher Stowe Center's Antique Rose Garden

Presented to Harriet Beecher Stowe Center, For outstanding cultivation and display of heritage roses, and for honoring their educational value in the Harriet Beecher Stow Center's Victorian rose gardens.

2006 Palmetto Garden Club

Presented to Palmetto Garden Club who established an Old Rose Show at the South Carolina State Fair, being held every year since 1950, and is considered the oldest continuous old rose show in the country.

2002 Larry J. Burks

Presented to:  Larry J. Burks, a second generation rose grower/processor, serves as vice presdient of Certified Roses, Inc. of Tyler, TX.  Larry had the honor of championing the rose through the legislative process that resulted in the rose's designation as the National Floral Emblem for the United States.  He has been highly involved in the establishment of a National Rose Garden on the mall in Washington, DC.

1998 Nancy Boerner Mixter

For her deep and loving involvement in the cultivation of roses.

1996 Garden Club of Irvington-On-Hudson

Presented to the Garden Club of Irvington-On-Hudson for its project of restoration, preservation and maintenance of the Lyndhurst Rose Garden in Tarrytown, New York.

1992 Cranford Memorial Rose Garden

Presented to the Cranford Memorial Rose Garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, whcih has for more than 63 years inspired and educated layment and experts worldwide with its magnificent and comprehensive collection of old and new cultivars.

1990 Robert S. Cowden

For his superior technical and practical knowledge in the culture of roses.  His skills as a teacher and writer have also significantly contributed to the public awareness of rose gardens.

1988 Helga and David Dawn

For their outstanding devotion to rose culture, as demonstrated by their magnificent rose garden which they generously share, along with their experience and knowledge, with novices and experts alike.

1979 Joseph J. Kern

For his extraordinary and unique contribution to the research and preservation of roses of antiquity, legend and romance.

1975 Dr. Eldon Wood Lyle

Eminent plant pathologist, rosarian of distinction, his research in rose culture led to the renewal and advancement of that industry in the Southwest.

1973 Edisto Rose Garden, Orangeburg, South Carolina

For outstanding achievement in rose culture, civic beautification and education; this excellent garden was designed by horticulturist Andrew C. Dibble in 1937 and continies to be an inspiration to all.

1969 Mary Ann Green

In recognition of her distinguished collection of old roses and informative lectures on their history and culture.

1968 Melvin E. Wyant

For his leadership, generosity and high achievement in an outstanding career in rose culture.

1964 Karl Parisette Jones

For his horticultural knowledge and skill as a rosarian, his generosity and extraordinary collection of roses in Barrington, Rhode Island.

1961 Elizabeth Park Municipal Rose Garden

Of the Park and Recreation Department of the City of Hartford.

1959 Harriet Hollister Spencer

Distinguished horticulturist and recognized authority on rose history and rose collections.

1954 Walter D. Brownell

For hybridizing a strain of roses resistant to blackspot and for the develoment of the sub-zero rose.

1953 Edwin deTurck Bechtel

A recognized authority on rose culture.

1952 Jasper Crane

For achievement in the field of rose culture.

1948 Mrs. Charles Platt

In recognition of her outstanding work in the realm of roses.

1944 Mr. and Mrs. Edwin S. Webster

For achievement in the realm of roses.

1942 Dr. J. Horace McFarland

For his outstanding contributions to rose culture.