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GCA Medal Recipients: Elvira Broome Doolan Medal

2024 David A. Rubin

For his holistic and innovative approach to urban design and development.

2021 Laurie Olin

In celebration of his innovative and joyous public garden spaces which foster a sense of community, connect us to nature, and enrich our lives.

2019 Robert Hammond

With profound gratitude for his passionate commitment to transform a neglected industrial site into the High Line, a unique Manhattan park enjoyed by millions.

2018 Thomas L. Woltz

For representing community constituents, revealing cultural legacies, and healing the land, his work inspires all.

2012 City of Chattanooga & 21st Century Waterfront Project

For immensely enriching the lives of Chattanooga’s citizens and visitors with innovative landscape architecture, city planning and civic improvements.

2002 Margaret & Trammell Crow

Presented to Margaret and Trammell Crow, who have spent their entire lives involved in the greening of their city, county and state.  They have planted trees, installed landscaping, sculpture and parks for over a half-century.  "Trees are the Answer" is the motto of this energetic couple.

1993 Lynden Miller

Presented for her diligence and belief in the refreshing quality of plants, coupled with a sensitivity for people working together to make things happen, giving her the impetus to envision new gardens for New York City.