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News: The GCA and National Audubon Society Renew Collaboration Agreement


November 17, 2017

The GCA and the National Audubon Society have renewed a memorandum of understanding, first signed in 2015, providing for ongoing collaboration at the national and local levels. GCA President Anne Neal Petri and National Audubon Society President David Yarnold signed the agreement, which extends until June 30, 2019, providing a framework for collaboration on mutually agreeable projects including those concerning birds, pollinators, and native plants and the need to protect biodiversity and endangered species.

Yarnold will be the guest speaker at the GCA’s quarterly business meeting on December 6.  He is a Pulitzer-Prize-winning journalist whose leadership at Audubon is the subject of a new Harvard Business School Case.

As part of the GCA/Audubon collaboration, GCA member clubs may serve as local resources for the Audubon Plants for Birds Program.  Audubon also is providing a list of its native plant speakers across the country who are available for presentations in conjunction with the GCA.  



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