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February 05, 2019

We're working hard to restore healthy populations of monarchs.

As much of the northern US endures record cold, there is good news from farther south.

The monarch butterfly count is up—and up dramatically. In a new graphic posted by GCA Honorary Member Chip Taylor, head of Monarch Watch, the total forest area now covered by monarchs overwintering in Mexico has grown substantially; up 144% since last year. This means the number of monarchs that successfully made the trip south for the winter has jumped, indicating efforts to save the monarch may be having results. For more than a decade, the GCA has worked hard to restore healthy populations of monarchs and will continue to do so.

While not on the endangered species list, monarch populations have been decreasing dramatically over the last two decades. Shrinking breeding grounds and pesticides have depleted milkweed, the monarchs’ nectar and food source, and compromised monarch survival. 

Faced with news of monarch decline back in the 90s, the GCA took up the challenge—urging members across the country to plant milkweed and educate their communities about monarchs and pollinators. In 2013, the GCA announced a new Pollinator Fellowship which has funded important pollinator research.

Top photo credit: Terri Carriker

Second photo credit: Lynn Steiner











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