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Dolley Madison Garden Club celebrates “Centennial in the Park”


July 17, 2019

Virginia club organizes fantastic event to mark its 100th birthday

The Dolley Madison Garden Club (DMGC), founded in 1919, marked its 100th year with a celebration in Taylor Park in the Town of Orange, Virginia. Highlights of the event were the accession of Taylor Park to the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Gardens and dedication of a handcrafted lotus flower sculpture which acts as a stunning centerpiece for the park fountain.  

Taylor Park has special significance for the garden club since a large portion was gifted to Orange in 1976 by member emeritus Honorable Helen Marie Taylor, and her husband Jack. For the past 45 years the club has partnered with the Town of Orange to maintain Taylor Park as a lovely community resource. To preserve the park’s history, club members documented the park and submitted their work for inclusion in the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Gardens (AAG). Their efforts were rewarded with a certificate of accession to AAG. This honor is rarely given to a public garden and is a testament to the dedication of the DMGC to preserving Taylor Park.

The club itself was also honored by public officials who thanked DMGC members and congratulated them for 100 years of promoting conservation, beautification, and the agricultural heritage of the region. Guest speakers included U.S. Senator Tim Kaine and U.S. Representative Abigail Spanberger, with state lawmakers Sen. Bryce Reeves and Del. Nick Freitas presenting the VA General Assembly Resolution to DMGC for its devoted work to the community, state, and nation. Also attending to recognize the many contributions of the DMGC was GCA president Dede Petri. The magnificent fountain sculpture, dedicated as part of the centennial celebration, was commissioned by the club and meticulously created by metalsmiths Adam and Kathryn Krehbie. The Dolley Madison Garden Club encourages everyone to take a walk in the park, and enjoy its beauty and serenity.


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