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Weed Wrangle® Issues a Call to Action


May 07, 2020

Stay at Home

This past Earth Day, Weed Wrangle®, a program championed by The Garden Club of America, issued a call to action to Stay at Home … pick an invasive plant and get rid of it! Weed Wrangle began in 2015, when the Garden Club of Nashville hosted a one day, area wide, volunteer effort to help rescue public parks and green spaces from non-native invasive species through hands-on removal of especially harmful trees, vines, and flowering plants. Once limited to Nashville’s parks and green spaces, this trademarked movement is now in action in sixteen states.

Cayce McAlister, Weed Wrangle coordinator, says that “the objective of the Weed Wrangle program is to teach citizens how to eliminate invasive species at Weed Wrangle events so that they can take these good practices home to their own yards. The COVID-19 situation has just strengthened the emphasis on eradicating invasives at home.”

Why is the removal of invasive species vital to our ecosystem? Invasive/exotic plants and the pests associated with them degrade woodlands, threaten wildlife habitat, increase the risk of wildfire, and alter the appearance of public spaces, including those set aside for the enjoyment and recreation of all citizens. Without decisive intervention, these plants, insects, and other non-native intruders will continue to adversely impact our nation’s ecosystem, resources, and services.

Throughout the past 6 years, concerned volunteers, supervised by experts in invasive weed management, have learned and practiced maintaining areas free of non-native invasives and have been encouraged to replant natives in their place. The program has been so successful that, in the spring of 2019, the New York Times showcased Weed Wrangle in an article entitled Aliens in our Backyards, written by Margaret Renkl. For more information about Weed Wrangle®  CLICK HERE

Stay at Home… pick an invasive plant and get rid of it!




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