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Olmsted's Leadership in Fostering Livable Communities


May 14, 2021

Virtual Flower Show Video Entries about the Pursuit of Environmental Sustainability

Frederick Law Olmsted, Sr.’s contributions to parks and outdoor spaces across the United States are immeasurable. From creating major urban parks and green spaces that define our towns and cities to protecting and preserving the wilderness, Olmsted was a pioneer in understanding and promoting sustainability. A native of Hartford, Connecticut, his work can be seen throughout every region of our country. In honor of his legacy, one of the classes in the GCA's Around the Green flower show schedule was designated Conservation: Green Solutions

As part of the flower show, each of the GCA’s twelve geographic zones were asked to submit a two minute video highlighting a conservation project in their zone that was implemented within the past two years and shows “the pursuit of environmental sustainability” by addressing a specific issue in their zone. Please visit Around the Green to see the videos.

For the first time ever, the flower show will be presented virtually to all 18,000 GCA club members and the public. The GCA made a rapid pivot beginning in late spring 2020 from destination-based, in-person events to virtual gatherings. Teams of volunteers have been engaged in learning strategies for creating and presenting educational content for member clubs in this new and exciting way.



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