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Founders Garden Club of Dallas Funds Tree Videos


August 10, 2021

Dallas Arboretum Is Starring in its Own YouTube Videos

Need expert advice about the best trees suitable for the north Texas climate? Look no further than YouTube and the advice of Dave Forehand, vice president of gardens at Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Gardens.

Fifteen of the trees at the sixty-six acre Dallas Arboretum are starring in their own YouTube videos, thanks to grant money from the Founders Garden Club of Dallas (FGCD). Which is your favorite? A dragon-series Shantung maple or perhaps an Anacacho orchid tree?

Ranging from just over a minute to three and one-half minutes, the videos feature Forehand onsite at the Dallas Arboretum with the specimen trees, paying tribute to each tree’s characteristics and virtues, and its adaptability to the north Texas climate. The videos highlight the southern magnolia, green ash, goldenball leadtree, Savannah holly, chinquapin oak, bigtooth maple, Mexican sycamore, bald cypress, Anacacho orchid tree, dogwood, burr oak, the Chinese-native Shantung maple, and the dragon-series Shantung maples.

Proceeds from the FGCD annual fundraising luncheon provided grant monies to the Dallas Arboretum for filming the tree videos to educate the public through a variety of social media platforms. 

Forehand praised Founders Garden Club of Dallas for its longtime support of the Dallas Arboretum. “We appreciate them very much,” he said. “The tree videos are a great resource for our followers on social media and are now part of a bank of videos that reside on our website that people can access to learn more about plants that thrive here in north Texas.”


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