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The Moore Family Fellowship in the Making of the American Landscape


September 21, 2022

Moore Family Fellows will Research the US Landscape at a “Macro” Level

The GCA announces the launch of The Moore Family Fellowship in the Making of the American Landscape, endowed by Marty Moore, her husband, Temple, and their daughter, Craige Moore Cioletti. The fellowship will open this fall to graduate students pursuing degrees in Historic Preservation, Architectural History, Landscape Architecture, History, American Studies, Civil Engineering, and Environmental Engineering.

Moore Family Fellows will take a “macro” level view of the landscape of the US since its founding in 1776. Explains Marty, “As a family, we were intimately involved with the historic preservation and restoration of where we lived, and this interest and curiosity broadened as we explored the whole country… the history involved, the people who created the history, along with their skills and backgrounds, and how collectively, they have created the American landscape. For future scholars to carefully research and permanently record the stories behind these varied creations will expose a treasure of knowledge about the effort, skills, beliefs, and foresight involved as well as bring pride, appreciation, and understanding, with certain awe to the readers of these accounts.”

The Moore family believes the fellowship will encourage “a deeper understanding of how the American Landscape has evolved. Diversified people of varying backgrounds have carved out this young country’s landscape…reflective of people’s needs, and worthy of recognition.”

With the addition of the new fellowship, GCA scholarship opportunities have been expanded to 29 merit-based scholarships and fellowships in areas including conservation, ecology, horticulture, and pollinator research. In 2022, more than $354,000 was awarded to 79 scholars.


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