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Glorious Gardener: Flo Bryan


June 28, 2023

Approaching her 50th year with Piedmont Garden Club, Florence Atherton Eyre Bryan, (affectionately known as Flo) is not only glorious, but gracious, generous, and a real go-getter!

Upon entering Flo’s foyer, a visitor is likely to be entranced by the melodious sounds of a piano solo. When asked what she is playing on her baby grand, Flo modestly replies, “oh just some silly thing I made up.” Meet Flo. Full of surprises. So accomplished, yet so humble. She is a passionate gardener and a most gracious and generous hostess. As she approaches her 100th birthday, Flo continues to inspire.

 Flo hails from a prominent Northern California family.  Her early years were spent on her family’s picturesque estate surrounded by vast gardens. She recalls bicycling through the many garden “rooms” robust with blooms as she sought opportunities to assist her grandfather weed, prune, and cut flowers for the house.

As a child, Flo not only embraced the garden, but was also privy to the nuances of gracious entertaining. Whether hosting a garden party or a formal sit-down dinner, Flo’s grandmother always set an extra place at the table, “just in case.”
Fast forward to 1974 when Flo joined the Piedmont Garden Club (PGC). As the daughter of an award-winning floral designer and two-time president of the Woodside Atherton Garden Club, as well as the daughter-in-law of a former PGC president, Flo knew exactly what to expect. 

Never one for the spotlight, however, Flo’s garden club contributions have been more understated, yet equally impactful. While her love of flowers prompted her to enter and earn ribbons at flower shows, more notably, her flair for hospitality allowed her to welcome many visitors to her stunning Napa Valley vineyard and garden.

Over the past 50 years, Flo has hosted dozens of meetings, fundraisers, and soirees, and has welcomed not only GCA guests, but dignitaries and renowned gardeners from far and near. She is passionate about gardening, horticulture, and conservation, and at ninety-eight + years of age, still actively participates in garden club meetings and programs.

Every year, prior to the November membership meeting, Piedmont Garden Club ladies eagerly anticipate Flo’s arrival. Like clockwork, Flo pulls up in her oversized pick-up truck laden with freshly harvested pomegranates and persimmons to share. Her only request is that everyone bring a reusable bag. No single-use plastics allowed! 

Whether she’s relaxing in her lovely city garden or entertaining at her expansive wine country vineyard, Flo epitomizes grace and generosity. Be it literally or figuratively, Flo Bryan always sets an extra place, “just in case.” For Flo, there is always room for one more.


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