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Albemarle Garden Club Spreads Holiday Cheer with Christmas Greens Flash


December 18, 2023

Leftover greens used to decorate public statues near Children’s Hospital

On December 5, members of the Albemarle Garden Club (AGC) scooped up leftover greens from their Christmas workshop and headed to the Children's Hospital at the University of Virginia. The hospital overlooks a small park featuring charming, life size, bronze animal statues near a busy intersection. Wearing Santa caps, the members divided into teams to adorn the statues with colorful bows, bells, candy canes, and gorgeous greens producing a whimsical and magical effect for children and adults alike. A six-foot Christmas tree was created out of chicken wire and filled with fresh holly, magnolia, cedar, and pine and then decorated with bows and colorful balls. All the while, curious, excited children watched from their hospital windows above.

This “Greens Flash” was inspired by the guerilla-style street art installations of flowers and fresh greenery made famous by New York floral designer Lewis Miller. Club members were inspired by his work and realized a positive conservation effort could be achieved as well. Instead of throwing leftover greens in the trash, they decided to put them to use in a joyful, meaningful way. 

This AGC holiday tradition was gratifying to the members on several fronts. First, their creative work lifted the hearts of so many who are going through challenging times during the holidays. Additionally, they extended the life of the rescued greenery and made a difference in the community spreading holiday spirit with beauty and joy. 




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