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Glorious Gardener: Martha Perry Snyder


May 22, 2024

Glorious is the word – not only for Martha Snyder but also for her lovely garden in Stonington, CT. A member (twice!) of the Stonington Garden Club (SGC), Martha is 97 years young and a local treasure. 
Martha first became a member of SGC in 1955 when she and her husband Bob moved to Stonington from Bethlehem, PA. SGC membership was much smaller than it is today, and meetings were held monthly in members’ homes. It was an enjoyable way to get to know people in a new area. As it turns out, the Snyders only lived in Stonington for about four years before moving to Bronxville and then to Rye, NY, where Martha was a member of the Little Garden Club of Rye. But in 1980, Martha and Bob made the permanent move back to Stonington.
They embarked on a series of renovation projects, including creating a garden area in the relatively small space behind their historic home. Martha worked closely with famed landscape designer Juanita Flagg to create a unique patio garden with specimen plants, beautiful brickwork, shade and herb gardens, and potted flowering plants. 
Martha eventually rejoined the SGC in 1987 and has been an active, engaged member for the past 37 years. She has served on numerous committees, including SGC’s triennial garden tour.
When SGC was being considered for acceptance as a member of The Garden Club of America, the evaluation committee attended the garden tour and visited Martha’s lovely garden. They were impressed by its compact, charming design and commented on how light hit the space. They recommended that her garden be documented for the Smithsonian’s Archives of American Gardens (AAG), and that process is currently underway. Happily, SGC was also accepted as a member of GCA!
When asked what she has most enjoyed about being a member of the Stonington Garden Club, Martha replied, “When I was growing up, I first learned about plants and flowers from my mother, who had an extensive garden. It’s astonishing to me that after all these years, I am still learning something new at every meeting! I also enjoy seeing all my gardening friends and going on interesting Visiting Gardens trips.”
In addition to tending to her garden, Martha enjoys opera and early Baroque music and is fiercely devoted to her family and friends. Everyone who has met her or visited her garden is all the better for knowing Glorious Gardener Martha Snyder!


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