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Ladue Garden Club Supports Transformation of Mulch Site to Nature Preserve


June 12, 2024

Deer Creek Preserve launches in Ladue, Missouri

With the help of local garden clubs, a 12.5-acre city mulch site along a sub tributary of the Mississippi River in Ladue, Missouri is being transformed into a vibrant nature preserve called Deer Creek Preserve. Beginning in 2019, Ladue Garden Club and The Garden Club of St. Louis began working with the City of Ladue as part of its BOSTA (Beautification, Open Space and Tree Advisory) Committee to repurpose this long, narrow site along Deer Creek. A master plan laid out paths through the woods and meadow for biking, walking, and running, along with benches and overlooks by the creek.  

 Phase I was completed in 2024 with installation of the initial trail system, a bridge over the creek, scattered benches, and native trees as well as other plantings. Signage explains habitats and plantings. The preserve’s ribbon cutting took place on Arbor Day, April 27, 2024.

The $750,000 cost was covered primarily by the Metropolitan Sewer District and the Municipal Grant Foundation. But both clubs provided grants towards plantings and to preserve amenities. They have also been engaged in frequent Honeysuckle Hacks to remove this invasive plant that chokes many local creeks. 

Phase II will add a second trail loop with benches and viewing platforms along Deer Creek. A fundraising campaign will launch this year. Ladue and the BOSTA committee are also in discussions to extend the preserve trail, partnering with local utilities, country clubs and residents to connect the preserve to nearby parks and into the Great Rivers Greenway, which operates 300 miles of trails in St. Louis County. 


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