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News: Founder of Monarch Watch is New GCA Honorary Member


September 14, 2017

Orley ‘Chip’ Taylor founded Monarch Watch in 1992 as a collaborative of volunteers dedicated to conservation of the monarch butterfly.  Monarch Watch is known for tagging more than 1.4 million monarchs during their fall migration from North America to Mexico.  Taylor was among the first to recognize the alarming decline of the monarch and for mobilizing Americans to meaningful action in one of the earliest, most successful citizen science efforts.  

See Chip Taylor’s bio on the complete list of 2017 Honorary Members of The Garden Club of America.

The GCA cited Dr. Taylor in requesting the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Agriculture require seed and plant distributors to stop using neonicotinoid pesticides, lethal to monarchs and other pollinators, or at minimum to clearly mark treated plant material.