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GCA Club Member to Receive Foundation for Landscape Studies 2019 Place Maker Award


April 04, 2019

Congratulations to Louise Wrinkle

Louise Wrinkle, a distinguished GCA club member of thirty-seven years, will be honored by the Foundation for Landscape Studies with a 2019 Place Maker Award. The award is given to a person who has used design, imagination, and horticultural skill to create a garden or park of exceptional beauty. 

This award is in recognition of her creation of an extraordinary garden in Birmingham, Alabama which she has documented in her recently published book Listen to the Land. 

Mrs. Wrinkle is a member of the Little Garden Club of Birmingham. She received the GCA National Achievement Medal in 2001. She also served the GCA as a member of the Executive Board and as the national chairman of the Horticulture Committee. 


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