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News: GCA Scholarships: The Legacy Continues


October 23, 2019

The Garden Club of America has a long history of supporting and identifying the next generation of environmental leaders through a merit-based scholarship program. In 1929, the GCA’s first scholarship award was given to Richard K. Webel by the American Academy of Rome for the Rome Prize in Landscape Architecture. Since then, the GCA has awarded more than $6 million in scholarships to over 1,400 students at the undergraduate and graduate level for their work in horticulture and purpose-related fields.

The Garden Club of America offers 28 merit-based scholarships and fellowships in 12 areas related to conservation, ecology, horticulture, and pollinator research. In 2019, $377,500 was awarded to 73 scholars to support a variety of academic endeavors ranging from summer environmental study and field work, to graduate level research across the globe. 

GCA scholars have become leaders in their fields of study serving as presidents and CEOs of botanical gardens, professors at colleges and universities, managers of university research labs and herbariums, experts in horticulture, and designers of world-renowned projects in landscape architecture. The GCA scholarship legacy continues to grow and impact the future. Follow GCA Scholars on Twitter.


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