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June 23, 2020

WJTV News Takes Jackson, Mississippi on the Spring Garden Tour

Ah, the signs of Spring ... singing birds, blooming trees, and community garden tours. But what happens when “stay at home” orders force the cancellation of public events? In Jackson, Mississippi, a local TV anchor brought the gardens to the public. Read about what happened when The Garden Club of Jackson cancelled its biennial Spring Garden Tour. 

The Garden Club of Jackson planned to host its biennial Spring Garden Tour on April 23-24 by opening 5 private gardens and 3 homes. An evening garden party, sunset garden tour, a luncheon, and the Secret Garden gift shop were all part of the ongoing 15-year-old community event. When the governor of Mississippi issued the “stay at home” order on April 1, the tours had to go in a different direction. 

The local CBS TV affiliate WJTV runs a “Focused on Mississippi” segment on the Monday and Friday evening news. For the month of April, a different garden was showcased by the news anchor, encouraging viewers to get outside and work in their own gardens. What better way to share the inspiration and beauty of the gardens while acknowledging the efforts of the owners who had their gardens ready for viewing?

This year the Greenwood Cemetery Association, a Mississippi landmark and historical treasure, was to be the beneficiary of the proceeds to help underwrite tree remediation, removal, and replacement. The cemetery is as old as Jackson itself, and full of old-growth trees, heirloom roses, and carved stone monuments. 

With the generosity of the Spring Garden Tour sponsors, The Garden Club of Jackson will be able to make its planned contribution to the Greenwood Cemetery Association. The Garden Club of Jackson is celebrating 28 years of civic improvement through tours and fundraisers. They have donated more than $200,000 to various projects in the Jackson community. 

Click the links below to enjoy The Garden Club of Jackson’s Spring Garden Tour while you are minding your state’s “stay at home” orders. 

April Garden Tour #1

April Garden Tour #2

April Garden Tour #3

April Garden Tour #4

April Garden Tour #5

Spring Garden Tour - Greenwood Cemetery


Photos Courtesy, CBS Affiliate WJTV in Jackson, Mississippi



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