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Shaker Lakes Garden Club in the “Valley of God’s Pleasure”


June 29, 2021

Going Strong After 100 Years

Shaker Lakes gets its name from the North Union Shaker Community, early settlers of the area, who referred to the landscape as the “The Valley of God’s Pleasure.” After John D. Rockefeller purchased the property in 1889, he donated it to the city of Cleveland. Fast forward twenty six years to 1915, when four visionary and determined women met to discuss what to do about the neglected park at Lower Shaker Lake, and the Shaker Lakes Garden Club (SLGC) was born. Its history has been intertwined with this park ever since.

Shortly after joining The Garden Club of America (GCA) in 1920, the club created a wildflower garden in the park where an old sawmill once stood. It was in that lovely setting that the club celebrated its centennial year as a member of GCA. Working with a group of stakeholders that included the city forester, the Friends of Lower Lake, and leaders from the Doan Brook Watershed Partnership, SLGC members discussed park project options that would be fitting for a club that has been associated with the park for more than 100 years. This collaboration led to the club planting a small grove of native trees in December 2020. These trees will support native pollinators and birds while helping to educate the public about native species. The tree species planted include yellow buckeye, red maple, American hornbeam, Kentucky coffee tree, tupelo, and chinquapin oak. Education materials and signage are also planned for the grove.



Tupelo in bloom


Kentucky coffee tree



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