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Garden Guild of Winnetka Maintains Butterfly Habitat


July 06, 2021

Educating and Demonstrating How to Conserve Butterflies.

It is no secret that pollinator numbers are in significant decline. One of the main contributors for this drop is habitat loss. In an effort to combat this growing problem, the Garden Guild of Winnetka (GGW), Winnetka, Illinois, established the Butterfly Garden in 1998 to help educate and demonstrate how to conserve butterflies. 

More recently, in 2018, GGW collaborated with the Winnetka Park District to redesign and refresh the 1,700 square foot garden located in Dwyer Park. The result is not only a beautiful landmark in the community, but also a crucial habitat for both butterflies and bees.

Maintaining the Butterfly Garden is a favorite, hands-in-the-dirt activity for GGW members. As natural habitats are being lost to development, gardening to ensure robust butterfly populations is becoming more important. GGW members use a variety of specific plants that attract adult butterflies and also provide an ideal environment for their eggs and caterpillars. The garden is in the center of town, and the community is invited to “stop by to read a book, to have a morning coffee, or to find ideas for their own pollinator gardens at home.” Nearly thirty botanical plant markers are on-site to aid in identification, and the “Life Cycle of the Butterfly” sign at the west corner of the garden is great for children.

To help others get started on their own butterfly gardens, the GGW has a list of plants that will attract butterflies and other pollinators on its website: Garden Guild of Winnetka Butterfly Garden Plant List 2020



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