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September 30, 2021

Partners for Plants Helps Restore Wildflowers to the Louisiana Roadside

The Monroe Garden Study League (MGSL), with the help of two community partners, set out to restore native wildflowers to the byways of the main thoroughfare of their city, Monroe, Louisiana. Using monetary resources from Partners for Plants, a program of The Garden Club of America's (GCA) Civic Improvement Committee, and other club resources, the project was launched.  

Advice was sought from the master gardener with the LSU Agricultural Center, along with shared research from the state of Mississippi group “Wildflower Trails of Mississippi.” The club gathered as much information as possible on how to prepare the site and purchase the wildflower seeds that would be needed. Once the seeds were ordered, the final planning was completed.

Fall is a great time to plant wildflowers in Louisiana for a dazzling display of color in the spring and summer. On a crisp Louisiana fall day, the club went to work. After weeding and tilling the soil, the club gathered their rakes, seed spreaders, and gloves, and the planting began.  Raking, sowing, covering the seeds with soil, and pressing them into the earth was the order of the day. A soft shower of water ensued and they were done.

Within weeks of spring’s arrival, a beautiful stand of native wildflowers emerged. It was quite a joy for the club to know that they had been part of the return of their Louisiana wildflowers. Now, with occasional weeding and one fall mowing after the first frost, which naturally distributes the seeds, the table is set for next year’s spring show. 


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