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PARKS: Where Nature Meets Community


June 28, 2022

Saint Paul GC Echoes Olmsted’s Vision

For over ninety-five years, the Saint Paul Garden Club (SPGC) has been celebrating Olmsted's vision of creating parks for people through its dedication to Rice Park, at the cultural center of downtown St. Paul, Minnesota. As early as 1927, founding SPGC members planted over 1,700 tulips in the park and today, club members continue to support the park by providing hundreds of hours of garden maintenance as well as expansive garden and seasonal urn plantings.

In 2018, recognizing the importance of the park to the fabric of the city, the club spearheaded a major renovation, helping to raise $2.42 million in funding. The ongoing commitment to this historical landmark has fostered a sense of community through events and public engagement.

In addition to their work at Rice Park, SPGC initiated a multi-year effort focused on the beautification of the city and its neighborhoods in 2000. This effort resulted in the Blooming St. Paul project, which encourages plantings on streets, in parks, and in neighborhoods throughout the city. Today, 500 hanging baskets, dozens of planters, and an array of public and private gardens at 120 sites adorn the city. The club continues to co-sponsor and support the project with volunteer hours and funding.

Inspired by Olmsted's vision for public parks, the club continues to review opportunities for future public parks, garden projects, and educational funding for the city of St. Paul and the greater community. 

The Garden Club of America (GCA) is a proud founding partner of the Olmsted 200 bicentennial campaign. The GCA's contribution to the celebration is the unprecedented opportunity for all 199 GCA clubs to connect the needs of their communities with Olmsted’s revolutionary vision for parks and public landscapes by participating in the GCA’s initiative, PARKS: Where Nature Meets Community. Each club project helps their local community public spaces while collectively celebrating Olmsted’s genius for public access to nature across the country.


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