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The Garden Club of Alexandria Goes Nuts for Clean Water


February 22, 2023

Seed Gathering Project Assists Reforestation Efforts

In the fifty years since the Clean Water Act passed, water quality from the Potomac River and the larger Chesapeake Bay region has improved dramatically. However, both bodies of water face serious risks posed by rapid deforestation. In the Chesapeake Bay region, seventy acres of forest are lost every day. To address the loss of trees along the riverbank, which are essential for filtering out toxins and improving the water quality naturally, the Potomac Conservancy launched Tomorrow’s Trees—a people-powered seed collection initiative that creates future forests for healthy rivers and streams.

The Garden Club of Alexandria partnered with the Potomac Conservancy to collect over fifteen bags or one hundred and forty-eight pounds of black walnuts and buckeyes from members’ homes and farms. These seeds from native trees will be given to the Virginia Department of Forestry where they will be nurtured and planted for reforestation projects. Native trees are adapted to local soil, rainfall, and temperature conditions which make them the most resilient towards many types of insects and diseases. They also support rich biodiversity.  

By working together, the coalition of state, regional, and community partners aim to advance nature-based solutions to restore the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay to full health. Since the inception of the program in 2001, nearly 56,000 volunteers have collected more than 164,000 pounds of acorns, walnuts and other hardwood tree and shrub seeds. In addition to providing native trees for stream restoration, Tomorrow’s Trees builds public awareness of the important connection between healthy, forested lands and clean water, and what individuals can do to help the local environment. For more information about Tomorrow’s Trees, visit About - Tomorrow's Trees (



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