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Rumson Garden Club Holds Annual Christmas Greens Workshop


December 20, 2023

Festive holiday wreaths and centerpieces donated to local non-profit organizations

For 93 years, Rumson Garden Club (RGC) has held its annual Christmas Greens Workshop to spread holiday cheer and help local non-profits deck their halls. Since its inception in 1930, the workshop has been held in historic Bingham Hall, a local community center and former church in Rumson, NJ. There, RGC members use boughs of holly, boxwood, magnolia, pine, and spruce clipped from their own properties to create evergreen centerpieces and wreaths embellished with pinecones and bows. This year RGC supplied 50 wreaths and 50 centerpieces to nearly 20 schools, civic, and community organizations.

The Christmas Greens Workshop is a festive tradition, held on the first Saturday every December, which heralds the beginning of the season. In recent years, the Rumson Fair Haven High School chorus sing carols as members and high school volunteers decorate wreaths and create centerpieces.

Even during the pandemic, RGC continued its dedication to providing seasonal decorations to charities and civic organizations–if on a smaller scale–with members working at a distance. 

This December, RGC spread the wreath-making cheer by offering a separate greens workshop to club members and their friends where they could purchase and decorate wreaths for their own homes.

Little is wasted as left-over greens are transported to the Oceanic Public Library in Rumson to fill their window boxes with seasonal greenery.




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