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Year: 2022


Sandy Bivens began her career in environmental education in 1976 as a Metro Parks Recreation intern. The following year, she joined the staff of the Warner Park Nature Center (WPNC) where she took a particular interest in educational programming and bird research. In 1988, Sandy was promoted to director of the Nature Center. Under her leadership, WPNC’s environmental education (EE) = programs expanded to school field trips, grade-level content, teacher in-service trainings, and Junior Naturalist and High School Naturalist programs. With Sandy at the helm, WPNC became the established leader in Nashville’s and Tennessee’s EE community. In 2005, the city of Nashville added nature centers at three other Metro Parks, and soon after, Sandy was recruited to be the Nature Center Superintendent for the entire Parks Department. Sandy retired in 2013 but continues to volunteer with WPNC, and the educational programs she developed continue to enrich the lives of all Nashvillians, young and old.