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Year: 2022


India has been teaching botany and horticulture to teens ages 14-18 at Ballard High School since 2007. She is Chair of the science program, and every year she finds a way to bring her passion for the subject to her students with new, creative energy. During the Pandemic every two weeks she encouraged her students to come by an outdoor table at school where she provided them with a plant that they took home to nurture. She cheered and inspired their participation, study, and continued involvement throughout the year at home. She had each student report on their progress with the plant, checking in with them to see if they needed any further information, or if they wanted to share anything interesting or amusing regarding their attention to the plant.

This current academic year, in addition to her full load of science classes, India also runs the Hugh School Greenhouse, which she has managed for the past 15 years. The Greenhouse program serves over 130 students and continues to grow. Current projects include a climate garden to monitor weather and its effect on plans, pollination studies, growing plants for use in food science class and studying native plants.