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The Garden Club of America Fellowship in Ecological Restoration

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Category: Conservation & Ecological Restoration

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The Garden Club of America Fellowship in Ecological Restoration


Purpose: To support specialized graduate study and research in ecological restoration, the “active healing of the land.” Ecological Restoration is further defined as “the process of assisting the recovery and management of ecological integrity. Ecological integrity includes a critical range of variability in biodiversity, ecological processes and structures, regional and historical context, and sustainable cultural practices.” The goal of this fellowship is to support research that will advance knowledge and increase the numbers of scientists in this important field. 

History: This GCA Fellowship was established on 2000 with funds from the John B. Young Charitable Trust as well as from GCA members and clubs. John and Marge Young of Waterloo, Iowa are the parents of Marilyn Magid (Cedar Rapids GC, Zone XI), who has served on GCA’s Executive Committee and as Chairman of the Conservation and National Affairs and Legislation Committees. 

Provisions: Provides an annual grant for $8000 for study and research at a leading accredited university in the United States. 

Eligibility: Open to graduate students. Fields of study of past recipients have ranged from forestry to applied plant sciences to ecology and evolutionary biology. Eligibility is open to U.S. Citizens and permanent residents who are enrolled in a U.S. - based institution.

To Apply: See Application Instructions and FAQs. Applications must be received by December 31 of the year preceding study. 


Selection: Selection is by a panel of research scientists chosen by the University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum and approved by the GCA Scholarship Committee. 

Fund: The GCA Fellowship in Ecological Restoration is managed by the GCA. 

Contact: Mr. Brad Herrick, Ecologist/Research Program Manager, University of Wisconsin-Madison Arboretum, 1207 Seminole Highway, Madison, WI 53711. Phone: 608-263-7344, Fax: 608-262-5209, Email:, website:

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