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2022 Sam Fry

The Garden Club of America and the Royal Horticultural Society Interchange Fellowships

Principles and Practices of Horticulture, Bournemouth University, Capel Manor College, Regent’s Park

Fry will be at Longwood Gardens for the 2022–23 GCA/RHS Interchange Fellowship year, looking forward to furthering a horticultural career which started in landscape design. A gardener and horticulturalist with a passion for plants and landscapes, Fry aspires to create natural, accessible urban spaces. Fry has experience in ornamental horticulture as a trainee gardener at The Honorable Society of Inner Temple in London and as an apprentice gardener at Victoria Park in the London borough of Tower Hamlets. Fry’s hobbies include botanical and aerial photography focusing on landscapes. An avid traveler, Fry is excited for this unique opportunity that will allow a return to the United States, where family lived for a period of time.

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