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GCA Scholarships Recipients: The Katharine M. Grosscup Scholarships in Horticulture


2017 Christian Moore

Christian Moore is an undergraduate landscape architecture student at the Knowlton School of Architecture at The Ohio State University in Columbus. His research explores planting design as a means to improve polluted runoff, prevent erosion, and establish habitat in agricultural contexts. This summer he will conduct independent research in the Netherlands, studying Dutch polder design and the current Room for the River project for the Rhine delta. Upon completing his fieldwork, he will study under Cassian Schmidt, Director of Hermannshof Botanical Garden in Weinheim, Germany.

2017 Kristie Lane Anderson

Kristie Lane Anderson is a master’s student in landscape architecture at Temple University in Philadelphia. She is currently employed by the architecture firm Fielding Nair International, where she specializes in learning spaces and peaceful and reflective outdoor environments for early childhood education. Her research will focus on ecological restoration and educational landscapes. Her thesis will examine the restoration of wetland ecosystems and design for interpretation of ecology and conservation for students and visitors.

2017 Josh VanderWeide

Josh VanderWeide is a master’s student studying viticulture in the Horticulture Department at Michigan State University in East Lansing. He aims to improve the wine grape quality in Midwest growing regions. His research involves mechanizing the viticulture practice of leaf removal, which will help vineyard managers to improve growing conditions, yield, and fruit quality.

2017 Helen Andrews

Helen Andrews is a master’s student of plant health management in the Department of Plant Pathology at The Ohio State University in Columbus. Through the interdisciplinary degree program, she is studying topics such as disease diagnosis, biological control, and soil fertility. This program will enable her to offer a well-rounded skill set in plant health management to those who seek professional guidance.

2017 Megan Bender

Megan Bender is a sophomore studying sustainable landscape design and urban agriculture at the University of Cincinnati in Ohio. She is interested in garden design and the historical preservation of gardens and will intern at The Fells Historic Estate & Gardens in Newbury, New Hampshire, where she will learn more about historic gardens and the maintenance required to preserve them.

2017 Pete Grantham

Pete Grantham is a junior studying sustainable plant systems focusing in landscape design and management at The Ohio State University in Columbus. He owns and operates a landscaping company in northeastern Ohio and plans to incorporate his knowledge of sustainable landscape practices into his business as well as educate others within the landscape industry to promote environmentally friendly methods to care for commercial and residential properties.

2017 Stephani Milette

Stephani Milette is a junior studying horticulture production and marketing at Purdue University in Indiana. She is a ten-year Air Force veteran who served as a logistician in Iraq and Afghanistan. As an intern in floral design and plant propagation, her focus is on greenhouse management and viticulture. She aims to discover sustainable growing conditions to produce grapes.

2016 Jared Aslakson

Jared Aslakson is a master’s student in Landscape Architecture at the University of Michigan. He is studying ecological restoration and the design of sustainable food systems, and merging the two to the greatest possible extent. His project will create a site plan and ecological restoration plan for a 124 acre farm in Dexter, Michigan.

2016 Mack Drzayich

Mack Drzayich is a master’s student in Landscape Architecture at Pennsylvania State University. His research involves designing areas for children through the preservation and implementation of natural landscapes. He believes urban parks have reduced opportunities for ad hoc play in natural landscapes, which deprives children of some of the psychological, physical, and social health benefits associated with natural play. He plans to champion the effort to green our cities in a way that is most beneficial for its inhabitants, especially children.

2016 Andrew C. Pratt

Andrew C. Pratt earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Agriculture with a major in Horticulture and a minor in Natural Resources Management from The Ohio State University.  He currently is a Master’s student in Biology/Zoology at Miami University in cooperation with Project Dragonfly and Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. He is studying the complex relationships and integration between plants, animals, and people.  As a horticulturalist, he is passionate about native plants and sustainability and is committed to horticulture’s integration into public park systems.



Scholarship Opportunities Abound

The GCA offers 28 merit-based scholarships and fellowships, awarding more than $330,000 to 86 scholars in 2017.

For example, the GCA Fellowship in Ecological Restoration offers an $8,000 annual grant for graduate study and research at a leading accredited university in the United States. Fields of study of past recipients have ranged from forestry to applied plant sciences to ecology and evolutionary biology.

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