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Season’s Greetings! 
´╗┐You may be wondering why I am talking with you via video today. Well, we are trying out a new way of sharing the good news of the GCA with you. In fact, in the spirit of the season, we are going to give you the “gifts of the GCA” today. 
´╗┐Sending best wishes for happy holidays,
Debbie Edwards
GCA President


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Our founders were visionary.
It is now time for us to pay it forward.
Watch this five-minute film, Sights on our Second Century, to reflect on the ways we work together to make great things happen.
We owe our founders a powerful second century. Join hundreds of individual club members supporting this campaign so that the GCA can step boldly into the future.
It's not how much — it's being a part.
For more information about giving levels and recognition, gifts of stock, joining the Great Oak Society through planned gifts, and other ways to participate in the GCA's second century,
contact or call Alison at 212-753-8291.
After its premiere at the 2019 Annual Meeting, we proudly share this video with all club members of The Garden Club of America.