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GCA Medal Recipients: Sarah Chapman Francis Medal

2022 Robin Karson

Presented to Robin Karson in recognition of her work in offering readers a source for scholarly research on American landscape architecture. 

2021 Thomas A. Christopher

In recognition of his educational and inspirational horticultural writing, lecturing, and broadcasting through which the gardening community has gained a greater appreciation of our fragile environment.  

2019 Marta McDowell

Garden Club of Madison, Zone IV

For inspiring new generations of readers and gardeners with her meticulous research and captivating portrayals of literary figures and their gardens.

2017 Andrea Wulf

For meticulous historical research revealing the gardening lives of the Founding Fathers and early environmentalist explorers, for a willingness to follow in their footsteps, and for writing widely appealing books that educate scores of readers on gardening history and our ecosystem. 

2015 Robert McCracken Peck

His keen observations as a non-judgmental scientist and gentle man encourage preservation of the fragile ecosystems and habitats about which he writes so passionately.

2013 William Merwin

Presented to William Merwin, brilliant poet and passionate conservationist, he aims to "save what he can" of our natural world. His beautiful verse and exemplary lifestyle are an inspiration.

2012 Garden Club of Mount Desert

Presented to The Garden Club of Mount Desert, Friends of Acadia and the Maine Natural History Observatory with congratulations to the organizations that collaborated to produce an outstanding horticultural publication documenting and identifying the over 2,000 plant species in Acadia National Park.

2011 William Cullina

Awarded to William Cullina for literary achievement in horticulture and for sharing his extensive knowledge and love of native plant species and their propagation in his outstanding books.

2009 Sally McQueen Squire

Presented to Sally McQueen Squire, For her dedication to and knowledge of the Garden Club of America, and for sharing her expertise, talents and devotion through her vision for the Bulletin.

2008 Tovah J. Martin

Presented to Tovah Martin, horticulturist, author, freelance writer, photo stylist, lecturer extraordinaire and a consultant on greenhouses and conservatories.  Tovah shares her contagion through her many books and articles and teaches with a confidence and excessive knowledge.

2004 Ken Druse

Presented to Ken Druse, who, through his writing, his teaching, and his photography, has elevated the art and practice of gardening in America.

2002 Barbara W. Moore and Gail Weesner

Gail Weesner has unselfishly used her literary and editorial talents to document and promote the unique neighborhoods of Boston known for their historical, architectural and picturesque value.

1996 Nancy Julian Siler

Presented to Nancy Julian Siler in recognition of her literary achievements embracing a remarkable talent and exhibiting a wealth of knowledge, research and practical experience in the fields of horticulture, conservation and historic preservation.

1992 Richard Abel

Presented to Richard Abel, founder and editor emeritus of Timber Press, for his deep commitment to enhancing the knowledge and understanding of horticulture and plant sciences through a wide diversity of notable publications.

1990 W. George Waters

For his leadership as editor of Pacific Horticulture since 1976 in helping it to become one of the most prestigious horticulture journals nationally and internationally.  He is a lifetime gardener and also one of the premier horticulture photographers in this country.

1988 Louise B. Young

For her lifelong dedication to environmental concerns expressed through her exceptionally beautiful books; for her inspiration in making us mindful of the beauty of the Earth, its delicate ecological balance, and hope for its future.

1986 "Plants and Gardens"

This publication of the Brooklyn Botanic Garden has probably furnished more valuable horticultural information to both amateur and experienced gardeners than any other series of its kind.

1984 John Henry Dick

One of America's foremost artists depicting bird life, he is the author and illustrator of many books on birds and wildlife of the United States and throughout the world.

1979 Mildred L. and Edward J. Thompson

Through the publication of the Thompson Begonia Guide, they have provided an indispensable reference for botanists, commercial growers an hobbyists.

1978 Thomas and Betty Powell

Through the publication of Avant Gardener, they are making a unique literary contribution to horticulture in America.

1977 Ann Haymond Zwinger

For her outstanding literary achievement which expressed an emotional response to nature and a continuing concern for its welfare.

1976 Harriet Stark Gibbons

A distinguished columnist who has quickened the eye, awakened the mind and retooled the thinking of countless readers.

1973 Frances Perry, M.B.E., V. M. H.

Distinguished horticulturist, nomenclaturist, author, broadcaster, journalist, lecturer; her recent definitive book Flowers of the World is a monumental liberary achievement.

1972 Gwen Frostic

In recognition of her rare talent as an artist.  Lecturer and poet; and for her noteworthy literary achievements.

1971 Harold William Rickett

For his monumental achievement and contribution to the botanical literature of the world, specifically his series Wildflowers of the United States.

1970 Josephine Johnson Cannon

For her book, The Inland Island, showing her perceptive insight into humans' damaging impact on the complex structure of the environment.

1968 Publications of the Sierra Club

For the tremendous impetus to the cause of national conservation provided by these magnificent books.

1967 Alfred B. Graf

Celebrated horticulturist and botanist whose monumental literary achieivement, Exotica, has enriched the world with its artistry and wealth of information.

1966 Paul Brooks

Through whose eyes, ears and pen the beauty of our wild areas is made available to less adventurous mortals; and for his stalwart, constant and resourceful efforts to maintain wilderness areas.

1965 Edwin Way Teale

Blending scientific observation and aesthetics, he is a photographer, master naturalist and writer whom all rejoice to read.