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To amplify the importance of native plants and biodiversity.

In the fall of 2022, the GCA launched a nationwide, multidisciplinary, cross-committee collaboration to promote native plants by formally establishing a Native Plant Month in all fifty states. The initiative is led by the Conservation, Horticulture, and National Affairs and Legislation committees, each chaired by volunteers from across the country. In 2023, 48 states and the District of Columbia established a Native Plant Month, and five states passed legislation making it permanent. This year GCA aims to renew or pass proclamations in every state and lay the groundwork for more states to pass Native Plant Month legislation.



Club members from the GCA's 199 member clubs will work to formally establish a Native Plant Month in their state. Project coordinators will enlist the assistance of established local leaders and organizations, GCA volunteers from our Conservation, Horticulture, and NAL committees, and from the general GCA membership of nearly 18,000 club members.



The Native Plant Month Initiative (NPMI) includes a step-by-step program for GCA clubs to establish a Native Plant Month in their state, including guidance from experienced experts and the support of the GCA's platform, which will help amplify the message of the critical importance of native plants in every state across the country.

The GCA's full position on this topic can be found in the organization's Position Paper on Native Plants.



The GCA is grateful to the following organizations, and others, for collaborating with us on advancing a proclamation to establish a Native Plant Month in states where there are no GCA member clubs.

  • Alaska Botanical Gardens
  • Alaska Chapter American Society of Landscape Architects
  • Alaska Invasive Species Partnership
  • Alaska Master Gardeners of Anchorage
  • Alaska Native Plant Society
  • Anchorage Soil & Water Conservation District
  • Idaho Native Plant Society
  • Mary Jo Wegner Arboretum, S.D.
  • Montana Native Plant Society
  • Nevada Native Plant Society
  • Oklahoma Native Plant Society
  • South Dakota Association of Conservation Districts
  • South Dakota Grassland Coalition
  • Utah Native Plant Society
  • Wildflower Garden Club of Alaska
  • Wyoming Native Plant Society



  1. Project updates will be posted regularly including up to date listings of states where a Native Plant Month has been established.

  2. Learn more about stellar North American native plants by exploring winners of the GCA's Plant of the Year award.

  3. Press kits and social media assets available on request.

  4. Contact for more information. 

  5. Club members may also head to the Members Area to login and learn more.