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Partners For Plants

Partners for Plants

Partners for Plants is a joint initiative of the GCA Horticulture and Conservation Committees.  It pairs local GCA clubs with managers of state and federal lands and other significant public lands to monitor rare, endangered, medicinal, or invasive plants. 2010 recorded 26 projects in 18 states.  

Coordinated by a GCA member, each Partners for Plants project is as unique as the group undertaking the task.  Volunteers work with professional botanists and land managers who supervise the work and share their knowledge and expertise. Work can be inventorying, mapping, monitoring, propagating, and transplanting endangered plants. Requiring a time commitment ranging from days to weeks, each project serves as a catalyst for accomplishing important endangered plant work that in many cases could not have been accomplished otherwise. As with many GCA initiatives, volunteers leave feeling they have gained more than they have given.