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GCA Medal Recipients: Eloise Payne Luquer Medal


2022 Dr. Cynthia Morton

Presented to Dr. Cynthia Morton, in recognition of her research of genetic diversity in urban forests.


2021 Dr. Richard A. Jaynes

For his contributions to plant research, dedication to promoting conservation practices, commitment to teaching and sharing his knowledge, and encouraging wider accessibility of improved cultivars. 

2020 Desert Botanical Garden

For exceptional achievement in botanical research, education, exhibition and conservation of desert plants of the world, with special emphasis on the Sonoran Desert.

2019 Paul Cox

With gratitude to a renowned ethnobotanist, consummate scientist, teacher, environmentalist, and activist. His compassion combined with his rigorous scientific methods are improving our world.

2016 Longwood Gardens

For the spectacular horticultural displays, exquisitely maintained gardens and grounds, award winning events and performances, extensive educational programs, innovative conservation efforts that are the essence of this world renown organization.

2015 John A. Ruthven

For dedicating his life’s work to preserving the beauty of nature through his passionate advocacy as a naturalist and his gifted artistry as a painter.

2013 Ronald O. Determann

Presented to Ron Determann for his expertise in southern plants, orchids, and conifers as well as his commitment to preserving the flora of the world; for teaching and sharing his knowledge.

2011 Lily Y. Beck

Awarded to Lily Y. Beck whose major translation of the 1st century Dioscorides' De Materia fills a dramatic lacuna in the field of ancient botany in English scientific literature.

2009 William McNamara

Presented to William Alan McNamara for scholarly research, documentation, cultivation, conservation, and most importantly, the preservation of the genetic identity of endangered Asian plants.

2007 Chesapeake Bay Foundation

Accepted by William Baker, The Chesapeake Bay Foundation is in its fortieth year of operation, supported by 180,000 members from every state and 14 foreign countries.  They raise and spend twenty million dollars annually identifying problems and developing consensus based solutions throughout the 64,000 square mile Chesapeake Bay watershed focusing on fighting pollution, enhancing quality of life, working with landowners to restore critical habitat, rewarding farmers for conservation efforts, creating dedicated funds for Bay restoration and educating future generations.

2005 Cherie Pettit

Presented to Cherie Pettit for her exceptional artistic talent through the beautiful scarves and delightful travelogue, she has been an inspiration to Garden Club of America members and to countless others.

2001 Dr. Harrison Leslie Flint

Presented to Dr. Harrison L. Flint, Professor Emeritus, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture at Purdue University.  An academic innovator, teacher, author and a scientist-researcher, Dr. Flint has inspired countless students who currently serve in the field of Public Horticulture throughout the U.S.

1999 Angela Overy

Garden Club of Denver, Zone XII

For her roles in botanical artistry, education and botany.

1997 Louisa Rawle Tine

Presented to Louisa Rawle Tine for enriching the field of art in botany with her ability to discern the tiniest detail in our botanial world and unfold the beauty of it on paper as well as in other mediums.

1995 William Luchsinger

Presented to Karen Strohbeen and Bill Luchsinger, in recognition of their dual achievements as artists, gardeners, horticulturists and educators; they have elevated gardening to new heights.

1993 Dr. Aaron John Sharp

Presented to Dr. Sharp in recognition of his study of bryophytes and the knowledge he has added to the field.

1991 Richard Lighty

Presented to Dr. Lighty for assembling and test growing a variety of natural plants at Mount Cuba, with the aim of selecting superior garden cultivars which can be easily and economically propagated.

1989 Susan Carlton Smith

In recognition of her outstanding achievements as a scientific illustrator, artist, naturalist and lecturer; whose love of nature permeates her drawings and paintings enabling viewers to see the intricate designs in other living organisms.  Her talent truly parallels the spirit of this medal.

1987 Margaret Stones

For her accurate and exquisite portrayal in watercolor of wilderness wildflowers and endangered plants, and for bringing to light part of Louisiana's hidden beauty.

1984 Miss Lucile Parker

For capturing in detailed watercolor the flowers of the South, expecially for her award-winning book Mississippi Wildflowers.

1983 Arthur Stupka

In recognition of his lifetime career as a naturalist and biologist for the Great Smoky Mountains National Park; and for his vast influence on insuring the continued beauty of this area for so long.

1982 Dr. Katherine Kinsel Muller

For her contributions to botanical education; through her knowledge and expertise, the field of botany has been enriched.

1981 Mrs. F. Leighton Meserve

For her remarkable work in hybridizing superior hollies and greatly extending their temperature range.

1979 Gladys L. Smith

In recognition of her outstanding success in teaching botany with enthusiasm and inspiration to students of all ages.

1978 Joseph Ewan

For his lifelong contribution to botanical education; through his knowledge and expertise, the field of botany has been enormously enriched.

1977 Mrs. George Russell Marriage

1976 Louise Goodall Smith

An exceptional amateur botanist and protector of native plants.

1975 Laurence William Lane, Jr. and Melvin B. Lane

Through their practical and botanically sound publications, millions of gardeners, new and old have learned both the rudiments and the refinements of gardening.

1972 Niki Goulandris

Illustrious botanical artist, internationally respected scholar, whose paintings of Greek wildflowers are comparable with the greatest of illustrated flora.

1971 Elizabeth T. Zimmerman

Her lectures and drawings radiate her love of nature, horticulture and conservation, which she teaches so capably.

1970 Elssetta Gilchrist Barnes

Talented landscape architect, for her most recent achievement in the imaginative design and carefully researched planting of the Herb Garden at the Garden Center of Greater Cleveland.

1969 Ellen Fenlon Tobin

For her accomplishments as educator, author and photographer in the field of botany.

1967 Mrs. G. Laurence Schetky

For her scholarly botanical research in dye plants and her artistry in related dyeing processes.

1966 Dr. E. Lucy Braun

For her broad interest and her undisputed authority as both horticulturist and conservationist, and for her important literary contributions to the science of botany.

1965 Mrs. Allen L. Chickering, Jr.

Conservationist, botanist, artist and forceful worker, whose beautifully accurate watercolors have illustrated important publications.

1965 Margaret Moore Chickering

1963 John Nash Ott

For education in botany and medical research through his time-lapse photography.

1962 Miss Elizabeth Remsen Van Brunt

Outstanding authority on herbs; lecturer and author.

1961 Thomas C. Desmond

During the past 30 years, he has developed a magnificient and extraordinarily diversified collection at his arboretum in Newburgh, New York.

1960 Miss Caroline Dormon

Noted botanist - through her books, paintings, articles and talks, the wildflowers of the deep South are better known.