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The Garden Club of America Hope Goddard Iselin Fellowship in Public Horticulture

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The Garden Club of America Hope Goddard Iselin Fellowship in Public Horticulture

Purpose: To further the study of public horticulture through experiential learning that takes place at a recognized public garden, botanic garden, arboretum, or other closely aligned public horticulture institution within the United States.

History: One of the GCA’s important early leaders was Hope Goddard Iselin, the first chairman of the Billboard and Roadside Improvement Committee (1922-1931). Mrs. Iselin, a member of the North Country Garden Club, had many interests, including beautifying urban areas through gardens and green spaces, as well as providing opportunities for others to visit natural settings and lovely gardens. Established in 2013 and funded by the Hope Goddard Iselin Foundation, the fellowship honors Mrs. Iselin’s contributions to GCA and our communities by advancing the study of public horticulture.                                                                                                   

Provisions: Funds one or more students annually at $5000 for practical research and training at a recognized public garden, botanic garden, arboretum, or other institution directly engaged with connecting people, plants and gardening within the United States.

Eligibility: Open to students enrolled in a graduate-level university program to study public horticulture. Student must confirm ability to conduct research or otherwise utilize facility where study will be undertaken.

To Apply: See The Garden Club of America Hope Goddard Iselin Fellowship in Public Horticulture application and instructions. Applications must be received at the American Public Gardens Association by January 15th preceding the period of study. PLEASE NOTE: ONLY ONE GCA SCHOLARSHIP, FELLOWSHIP OR AWARD MAY BE APPLIED FOR ANNUALLY.

Selection: Applications will be reviewed by a selection committee appointed by the APGA’s Awards Committee Chair and approved by The Garden Club of America Scholarship Committee.

Contact: Ms. Vivian Lovingood, American Public Gardens Association, 351 Longwood Road, Kennett Square, PA 19348. Phone (610)-708-3012; Email;

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Scholarship Opportunities Available

The GCA now offers 27 merit based scholarships, fellowships and awards in the areas of horticulture and its related disciplines, botany, including medicinal and tropical, native bird habitat, conservation and ecological restoration, desert studies, landscape architecture, urban forestry, garden history and design, coastal wetlands, and pollinator research.

In March of 2015, 91 students and scholars were award over $315,000 to support a variety of academic endeavors ranging from summer environmental study and field work, to graduate level research. Their study will take place in institutions across the nation and some will do field work around the world.

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