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News: GCA Scholars in the News


November 28, 2018

These scholars are literally seeding the future.

Annually, The Garden Club of America awards over $300,000 in scholarships to outstanding college, graduate and post-graduate scholars who are working in areas related to the GCA’s purpose. Many of these scholars are literally seeding the future with their important work in plant collection, plant care and plant exploration.

Michael Dosmann, keeper of the Living Plants Collection at the Arnold Arboretum and Terry Huang, Living Collections Fellow, both past recipients of the GCA RHS Interchange Fellowship, oversee special collections at Harvard’s Arnold Arboretum recognized for research and conservation value.

Read news about Michael Dosmann and Terry Huang.

Emily Detrick, 2015 Douglas Dockery Thomas Fellow in Garden History & Design, is a horticulturist, teacher and keeper of the Pounder Vegetable Garden and the Shady Ground Cover Collection at Cornell University’s Botanic Garden.

Read news about Emily Detrick.

Dr. Cassandra Quave, 2007 Anne S. Chatham Fellow in Medicinal Botany, and assistant professor in Emory’s Center for the Study of Human Health, and Kat Bagger, 2018 GCA Zeller Summer Scholar in Medicinal Botany, are exploring ancient remedies to see if they can help modern medicine.

Read news about Dr. Cassandra Quave and Kat Bagger.

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Pictured (first to last): Dr. Cassandra Quave, Michael Dosmann, Terry Huang, Emily Detrick, Kat Bagger.







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